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Re: Spawn Games

Originally Posted by caero
I am sorry, but since when did YOU actually give us any factual information? Do you have a friend who formerly worked at Tiburon? or do you work there yourself?

And yes I have all the valid points there is. It's just you that has too much of a thick skull to actually realise what is going on.

And I don't even want to comment your last lines. They just show how sorry a person you really are. I am not here to stir things up, YOU are. I voiced my opinion and seconds after you jump on me like GBush on his holy crusade to rid the world of islam.

Until you actually state that you officially know something about EA/Tiburon and can prove it I won't answer any mroe of your jibberish.
It is a fact that the Madden game is developed on a 9 month schedule. Your friend was a tester, and should be able to tell you that. I do have a friend at Majesco that consulted for Tiburon. Bloodrayne was one of his. A wonderful programmer he is. As for what he did, I am not sure, but he did not have kind words for the company. We talk about game development all the time, so I do have factual information.

I've mentioned repeatedly that you are only singling out Tiburon and EA, but you have yet to mention any other company. Boy, VC must have really pissed you off with their broken franchise mode.

You don't have a point. Perfection is not something any intelligent person will expect from any product, much less any product with complicated code.

The spawning feature not being perfect is such a disgrace to you, but you don't buy the game, so how important is it to you really? By your own admission, you rent a game or borrow from a friend. Your rants have been about paying $50 for it. You don't pay $50 for it, therefore that point is invalid.

You stated that you expect perfection out of games. Do you only hold EA to this standard, because EA is the only company you have mentioned. Surely, there have to be others that don't live up to perfection.

I'm speaking jibberish, but you're talking out of your ***. I can tell buy your posts that you're the kind of person that thinks the whole world should change to accomodate them. Ignore me all you want, but you are not right and no matter how you say it, you'll still be wrong.
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