Do you people know what you are doing ???

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Re: Do you people know what you are doing ???

Originally Posted by Chitown1211
By NOT returning this game .

You are basically telling EA they can put any POS in a box with an EA logo and you will hail it as the greatest game ever. You are guaranteing us crappy football games for the next 5 years. The EA execs must be dying laughing that they can screw a game up this bad and so many of you act as if you dont care.

Besides the fact that this is still Madden 2001. Letting this B/W glitch go and pretending its no big deal is down right pathetic IMO. If you let the B/W glitch go EA has no reason to EVER make a good game agian. If their customers will except this glitch what wont they accept ? Seriously. What really would it take for EA fans to actually be upset with an EA game ??? The B/W glitch is BY FAR the worst glitch EVER put into a football game. If you let this go you are sealing the fate of football games. And you are to blame.

All it would take is atleast 20% - 30% of people returning their game to make EA fix something. As is sits now your giving them the free pass of all free passes. EA has no reason to make a good game ever again. Atleast for 5 years they dont.

Go ahead and flame on. But Im trying to help. The worst thing any of you can do is let this glitch go.
dude the B/W-L/R thing is not a glitch it was programmed that way, it was in last years game also, and im pretty sure its in the year before that.
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Re: Do you people know what you are doing ???

There are already a few other posts regarding this. We really don't need another one.
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