There is "NO" AI cheating on Pro Level

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Re: There is "NO" AI cheating on Pro Level

Originally Posted by slthree
I'm glad you guys are doing fine on the level you play on. This post was for the many people who seem to think there is a CPU cheat on the higher levels.

But, I do have a question, how are you able to dominate on All Madden? Do you play a style that resembles your team in real life or do you throw on every down or have you mastered some money plays? I couldn't score 50 points on Pro and I'm pretty darn good.

I play very slowly and run a lot and prefer the short to intermediae passing game. I rarely go deep. How do you guys do it?
I play the same way as you. I think the one thing that you need for the higher levels in Madden (especially in All-Madden) is patience. You have to wait and anticipate the block, and not sprint the entire time running. Or you have to stay in the pocket and let your recievers get open.

Theres been a couple times where the cpu might get a cheap TD or two, but it doesnt affect me. I lost on a last minute play to the redskins (I'm the bears) where Ramsey threw a rocket downfield and scored a TD in 1 play. I lost, but it was a good game.
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Re: There is "NO" AI cheating on Pro Level

I just finished my franchise with the Chicago Bears on All-Pro with custom sliders. I played all 16 games of the season and had only 1 extreme AI catch up in the 4th quarter through out all the games.

It was pretty much a massacare wit the score 49 - 21 with 6 minutes left. Scored one TD - 28. Interception for TD - 35 - onside kick and recovery. Then another bomb to the endzone to make it a 1 TD game. I try running the ball and fumble on third down after like a 20 yard gain. They recover and another floater to the end zone drops for a TD. Funny thing was all this was going on with out Culpepper, Brad Johnson was roasting me.

It just felt no matter what coverage I picked and how many guys were on a reciever, they would still make the grab.

However I did manage to win the game in the final seconds with a TD pass.

This also was the highest scoring game I had of the season. My average is usually 20 or so.
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Re: There is "NO" AI cheating on Pro Level

Originally Posted by EsaQue
I haven't played '06, but I know I haven't really expeienced "come-back" AI on 2005. '03 and '04, however, are another thing. That's where "comeback AI" had its hay-day.
I agree.

It seemed like they ironed out the cpu Robo QB mode in the 4th, last year with 05.

They may put up better numbers than the rest of the game(in the 4th quarter), but that mirrors the real NFL.
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Re: There is "NO" AI cheating on Pro Level

yeah i dont find any AI crap on pro level but there is some on all-pro as I played my first game of my chsie on all pro a few nights ago
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