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IMP Attribute

I was looking over my roster and noticed that if you scroll all the way over to the right there is an attribute listed as IMP. Since I had no idea what this attribute was, I went to create a player to see what it is listed as, but it isn't even an attribute you can create. Does anyone know what the IMP rating is? Is it some sort of potential rating? Thanks for any help.
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Re: IMP Attribute

I already asked about this. We believe it is IMPACT or IMPORTANCE a player has to the team. A big player has a high IMP rating because he means a lot to the team. A third string center will have 0 because he is basically just taking up a roster spot and not serving any other purpose.
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Re: IMP Attribute

Also, I believe it was determined this is how much a skill player will touch the ball, or which way a team will run the ball (i.e. if a LT has an IMP rating of 99 and the RT has an IMP rating of 75, they will run left more).

Also may have an effect on trade/resigning logic.
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Re: IMP Attribute

Going from the manual of Madden NFL 2001 (PC) and my own observations:

The IMP is "Importance". It is influenced by the player's OVR rating and the depth of the particular team at the particular position. This has no affect on the way the player plays, but rather determines how the CPU acts in trades.

For example, players like Michael Vick who have 99 IMP, it is almost impossible to trade for without giving up a significant amount of talent and/or draft picks. Players with low IMP, like (staying with the Falcons) Matt Schaub, it is very easy to trade for. This can give the user an advantage when trading if there is a talented player buried below other talented players; for example it is kinda easy to trade for Minnesota's #1 pick, Troy Williamson, because he is the 4th best receiver on the team.
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