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Play Calling

"The play selection screen had changed as well, and was far easier to use since it organized plays into categories based on play type. We were able to choose this option and thereafter be presented with a plays for man zone, combo coverage, and deep zone, among others. You'll also be able to ask Madden for a play choice, in addition to asking the coach." IGN Hands-On Review

Does this bother anyone else? I play with my friend Brian from work, and also my brothers. The way they have the play calling set up gives aways your plays.

According to the IGN Hands-On Review, plays are organized "into categories based on play type." I do not like that because the other guy will know what offense/defense you're running. Plus, while you're on defense, you can just wait until your opponent picks their play (if it is organized as it sounds, it would be set up like Run, Pass, etc.?) so you could just pick a defense to stop their play.

Also, from the screen shots posted in one of these threads, your play select cursor highlights only one play so the other side can see exactly what play you're running.

I guess we wait and see if there are ways to hide the cursor. But does this mean do cannot pick plays out of formations anymore?

I just wanted to see who read this and thought it was potentially alarming.


EDIT: Gamespot had some insight on the play call by formation that was posted RIGHT AFTER this thread. "You can still go by formation, or ask John Madden to suggest a play for you, but you'll also get a few new options: play type, ask coach, key player, and last five plays."

However, the ability for your human opponent to see your plays still irks me.

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Re: Play Calling

Perhaps there is a bluffing scheme a la NFL 2k3, i.e. you pick a play but by holding a button down you can continue to move around and look at other plays?

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