Guys be honest and answer this question....

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Re: Guys be honest and answer this question....

Right now, I'm on the fence. I'm definitely not gonna buy the game (Madden) or the system (360) on day one. My plan is to read the reviews from various mags and websites... then read what the people (actual gamers) have to say on forums like this. Hopefully, someone I know will pick it up and I'll have a chance to see and play the game first hand before I put down the money. I'm also hesitant because I want to see what the PS3 is gonna have to offer. I am very impressed with the stadium details and improved atmosphere... but (so far) the animations don't look on par with those other improvements. I'm holding off on full judgement until the game (final build) comes out... although I do agree that if it's supposedly 80-90% done, I'm not expecting to see too much change in the gameplay/animations that we've already seen in the few videos that are out there right now. I hate the way EA releases these videos that focus on the close-ups, cut scenes, and/or replays instead of actually showing real gameplay videos. I'm a bigger NCAA fan anyways... so if it were NCAA coming out, I'd probably be leaning towards getting the game (NCAA) and system on day one. I certainly hope they make a Next Gen NCAA game in 2007.
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Re: Guys be honest and answer this question....

Buying Madden and an Xbox 360 on day one...but I had already made up my mind to buy a 360 well before Madden became the hot topic of discussion.

I don't devote all my money and energy into buying a new system for one game, that's foolish. I will get my 400 dollars worth out of the 360, because other games besides Madden exist. I honestly think Madden is looking better every day though, so hope is still there.

Waiting for the PS3 is stupid...because everyone has said it has no more power than the 360. If Madden is your big thing...realize that Madden will be ported from the 360 to the PS3, so you aren't going to see anything fancy or new. The same people claiming EA is lazy and doesn't care should not be of the opinion that they are going to start designing two ENTIRELY seperate games in this generation for the two different systems.

Madden 360 is a big improvement over current gen Madden, so that is reason enough for me to buy it.
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Re: Guys be honest and answer this question....

I'm buying an XBox360 on day one...but havnt decided on Madden yet. I'll probably pick up Kameo, PDZ, and PGR3 on Day One, then will wait for some impressions before I get Madden or not.
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Re: Guys be honest and answer this question....

Originally Posted by DirkOwnsAll
I'll pick it up...even if the animations aren't improved over what we've seen thus far. Main reason being is that I'm selling 99% of everything I have gaming-wise in order to get the 360. If I want next-gen video game football, then I have to get Madden 360. No other options.

Why keep Madden 06 for regular Xbox and play it for the 360 when the next gen version is available?

I could understand the argument if you think the curren-gen Madden game is the best thing since sliced bread, but to be honest, it has it's flaws as well.

Bottom line, if I'm playing a flawed game, I would prefer it to at least LOOK good. Also, I am looking forward to online play on the 360.

That's my .02
Awesome post. Can't agree with you more.
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Re: Guys be honest and answer this question....

Alpha build is an earlier copy then a Beta build, A beta copy is a copy of the near finished product while the Alpha is earlier.

Sometimes a build known as pre-alpha is issued, before the release of an alpha or beta. In contrast to alpha and beta versions, the pre-alpha is usually not "feature complete". At this stage designers are still determining exactly what functionalities the product should have. Such builds can also be called development releases or nightly builds.

The alpha version of a product still awaits full debugging or full implementation of all its functionality, but satisfies a majority of the requirements. It often lacks features promised in the final release, but demonstrates the feasibility and basic structure of the software. The name is derived from Alpha, the first letter in the Greek alphabet.

A beta version or beta release usually represents the first feature complete version of a computer program or other product usually representing finished product , likely to be unstable but useful for internal demonstrations and previews to select customers. Some developers refer to this stage as a preview, as a technical preview (TP) or as an early access. There is a feature freeze on the product, indicating that no more features will be added to this version of the product and only software issues, or bugs, will be removed. Beta versions stand at an intermediate step in the full development cycle. Developers release them to a group of beta testers (sometimes the general public) for a user test. The testers report any bugs that they found and sometimes minor features they would like to see in the final version. This is essentially your finished product and what it will look like.

Gamma, Delta etc.
gamma, (and occasionally also delta, and perhaps even more Greek letters) for versions that are substantially complete, but still under test, and omega for final testing of versions that are believed to be bug-free, and may go into production at any time. Gamma, delta, and omega are, respectively, the third, fourth, and last letters of the Greek alphabet. Some users disparagingly refer to release candidates and even final "point oh" releases as "gamma test" software, suggesting that the developer has chosen to use its customers to test software that is not truly ready for general release. Often, beta testers, if privately selected, will be billed for using the release candidate as though it were a finished product. This is what Magazines, Gaming sites, and other reviews recieve early to review or test the product.

Gold/general availability release
The gold or general availability release version of a product is the final version of a particular product. It is typically almost identical to the beta or final release candidate, with only last-minute bugs fixed. A gold release is considered to be very stable and relatively bug-free with a quality suitable for wide distribution and use by end users. In commercial software releases, this version may also be signed (used to allow end-users to verify that code has not been modified since the release). The expression that a software product "has gone gold" means that the code has been completed and "is being mass-produced and will be for sale soon."

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Re: Guys be honest and answer this question....

I already have both the 360 and Madden reserved.
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