Gang Tackling?

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Re: Gang Tackling?

Originally Posted by Nza
No game has "true" tackling. That would entail real time physics in the form of rag doll physics etc.
Wouldn't that be a novel idea?

We keep speaking of animations. However, animation in of themself are canned. Therefore, any encounter that triggers an animation will therefore have a predetermined outcome.

A true physics model would produce random outcomes and take the speed and mass of players interacting into effect. That would make player to player interaction much more realistic; not only in tackling, but in blocking as well.

This would take a lot of horsepower to do, but I bet its possible on nextgen systems.
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Re: Gang Tackling?

I think a mid to high range PC could handle it fine, let alone a 3 x 64Bit 3.2GHz CPU game machine. You could dedicate one core to the physics alone.

The thing that baffles me is, while it might require a fair amount of work to get going, EA would never have to look back. No longer would they need to spend ages adding new tackle animations, and they wouldn't have to waste time trying to develop their current system into something that semi represents real body mass and momentum. The real thing is achieveable - now. Not in a few years, this technology is old news in genre's that actually has competition like FPS.

When I first heard of Madden Next Gen this was the first thing I thought of being a PC gamer and seeing ragdoll physics in effect for years - I kind of regarded it as a standard feature we'd see, after all, it's the next logical step. We've hit the wall when it comes to traditional animation systems - with the amount of CPU grunt available in next gen, I just can't understand how a system like this is ignored when it is clearly the way of the future. It just seemed like the perfect time for EA to head in this direction - it would likely take a few years to perfect and what better time than the 1st year of your sole ownership of the NFL license.
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