I Smell A Delay Comin' (Madden Xbox 360)

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Re: I Smell A Delay Comin' (Madden Xbox 360)

Originally Posted by videobastard
I dont think madden will get pushed back. Ea is not about taking care of their customers. They are in it for the money. The madden name alone will sell a whole bunch of 360 titles regardless of how lackluster it may seem.
Again....Electronic Arts is a business, so OF COURSE they're in it for the money!!

What do you think they're in it for? Your rugged good looks? Your magnetic charm?
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Re: I Smell A Delay Comin' (Madden Xbox 360)

Originally Posted by FootballForever
I find it funny how you think all your OPINIONS are facts, if you have no links to back this up, then I'm sorry I cant believe you, just like you tried and switch my words around, when you said "ofcourse I was talking about 6 of my freinds", no buddy I said 6 out of ten RANDOM gamers. I also found it so funny that you really make yourself believe that microsoft cancelled the sports lineup to help EA, that is the funniest ***t I heard in a long time no the cancelled the sports lineup do to lack of sales. Anyway I will not keep talking to a person who thinks he OPINIONS are facts. Peace be with you my freind.

Opinions? I friggin cut and pasted the articles while posting the sources. I guess anything you don't agree with is an opinion instead of a fact. Please grab a dictionary, open it, and flip the pages to "opinion" and then "fact."

Twisting your words around? I present a greater sample of people than you, and you find fault in it. I call into question your claim that 60% of console owners play Madden.

It's obvious that you are not as informed as much of the OS community. And you definitely don't know how to read. The Fever brand didn't sell as well as EA Sports, but it had successes in the market. Links was a very popular game, and sold well. It was cancelled too. Top Spin was the best tennis game ever made, and sold well. It was cancelled. Tell me again about poor sales.

From Yahoo (yet more facts):
Microsoft Cancels Sports Video Games for Autumn
By Ben Berkowitz

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Microsoft Corp. (NasdaqNM:MSFT - news) on Tuesday said it will not release new versions of its sports video games this fall in a move Wall Street saw as opening the door to deeper ties with industry leader Electronic Arts Inc.

Since introducing its Xbox (news - web sites) game player in 2001, Microsoft has struggled to gain share in the intensely competitive sports video games market, and EA has shunned Xbox Live, Microsoft's online gaming service over concerns about its financial model.

Kevin Browne, who manages sports games for Microsoft Game Studios, said in a statement that Microsoft's move was tied to "market conditions and customer feedback."

"We're focused on closing the quality gap between our sports line-up and that of our competitors," he said. "Therefore we will not be shipping new versions of our sports games this fall."

A Microsoft spokesman said three titles that had been planned to be released annually -- "NFL Fever," "NBA Inside Drive" and "NHL Rivals" -- were affected, as were three other titles -- "Links," "Top Spin" and "Amped" -- that were not necessarily on an annual release schedule.

Those six titles were exclusive to Microsoft's Xbox video game console. Another sports game, "RalliSport Challenge 2," is still on track for a May release.

The company said it would keep its "XSN Sports" brand, which it launched last May as a way to unify and promote its sports properties, and would maintain its online leagues and downloads for existing XSN titles.

Part of the "Madden" success was the unexpected popularity of online play. Last May, at the games industry trade show E3, EA said its sports games for that coming season would support online play only on Sony's PlayStation 2 (news - web sites).

That move was part of a long-running dispute between EA and Microsoft over the economics of Xbox Live, where users pay a subscription fee for the service, rather than individual games, and Microsoft controls the servers and the customer accounts.

But analysts saw the temporary shutdown of Microsoft's sports game line as a sign that EA may step in to the void.

"This is clearly a positive for Electronic Arts ... and may be the first sign of a closer relationship between the two companies," Credit Suisse First Boston analyst Heath Terry said in a note. "We believe Microsoft's decision makes it more likely that EA will support Xbox Live once its exclusive agreement with Sony expires in June."

Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst Michael Pachter raised his price target on EA to $64 from $56 and said the decreased competition would help the company increase its market share.

Shares in EA (NasdaqNM:ERTS - news)touched an all-time high of $54.73 before closing down 11 cents at $53.76 on the Nasdaq.

Still just opinion? Funny that there are no sources backing up your 6 out of 10 claim.

It's best that you do stop talking, because you make absolutely no sense. You ask for sources, I provide them, and you still call it opinion. Yet, you stand by that idiotic claim that 60% of console owners play Madden.

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Re: I Smell A Delay Comin' (Madden Xbox 360)

While I enjoy a good argument, this whole thing is pointless! Why are we talking about this? Madden isn't going to be delayed. Microsoft isn't pulling EA and EA isn't pulling Microsoft. This is a waste of your guys time and research.
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Re: I Smell A Delay Comin' (Madden Xbox 360)

Originally Posted by koolbubbaice
Yeah.. Next yr..
No, I didn't draft Grossman on my fantasy team, what do you think I am an idiot?
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Re: I Smell A Delay Comin' (Madden Xbox 360)

Again, just a silly pointless argument. I'm locking this baby up.
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