Aim convo between 2 diehard madden fans....

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Aim convo between 2 diehard madden fans....

MM Deejay (8:38:56 PM): man..you know what EA need to do in order for the players to look real?
MM Deejay (8:39:03 PM): They need to change the skin textures
MM Deejay (8:39:07 PM): **** look like clay

juoc25 (8:39:42 PM): they need to get the right proportions man i dont get it u can get nba players the right proportion u can get stadium seats the right proportion but not 22 men

MM Deejay (8:39:52 PM): right

juoc25 (8:40:14 PM): all those qbs so big
juoc25 (8:40:22 PM): bulger is so skinny
juoc25 (8:40:23 PM): everyone looks roided i hate that
juoc25 (8:40:24 PM): holt is not that big
juoc25 (8:40:29 PM): even wit equipment
juoc25 (8:40:38 PM): need to slim down wrs and qbs

MM Deejay (8:40:52 PM): right

juoc25 (8:41:37 PM): would be nice if they had towel animation u know to add realism im sure the game will look twice as real wit it .. its a simple tassle physics that like that added on boxers shorts and boots on ea boxing game...

juoc25 (8:41:55 PM): all the wrs sport it man
juoc25 (8:41:59 PM): u cant miss that

MM Deejay (8:42:25 PM): right..EA said it will be in madden 2007
I believe MAdden 2007 PS3 going to be the real NEXT GEN since they will have time to get used to the consoles

juoc25 (8:42:49 PM): yeah and mostly learn from the mishaps of xbox360
juoc25 (8:44:42 PM): all i do man i swatch football all day
juoc25 (8:46:49 PM): the crowd animation man where say a home team is getting ready to run a play and the crowd is sorta quiet and then say the home team throws the ball downfield.. and the people randomly start to stand up to see if the catch will be made... and as the catch is made for a big play the crowd cheers as he runs for a touchdown.. man that will tremendously help the game instead of just people randomly cheering for no reason .. i dont know how many times ive watch a big layover and over just to see the people reactions in the stands as it is happening like ohh **** look at him.

juoc25 (8:48:05 PM): it would enhanc ethe slow motion replay as the camera pans to the ball in the air and u see the 3d people stand randomly awaiting to see if he will make the catch
juoc25 (8:48:12 PM): man EA needs to seriously hire me

MM Deejay (8:52:41 PM): loll..right man..that would be cool....
I can't believe how many little things EA left out..
How could you add seat numbers to stadiums but not hand towels to the player?
What about moving chin straps,Showing the players put their mouth piece in,Realistic injury cutscenes where the trainer comes to the field and the players huddle around each other while other players are praying if serious,what about making the jerseys move in real time,what about 3D fans wearing big coats when its snowing outside,what about the terrible towels Steelers fans use,What about Stadium specific sections like the Dawg Pound or Raider Nation
Man EA should add the stuff that Football fans see every sunday instead of fire estinguisher in the hallway of stadiums

juoc25 (8:53:53 PM): yeah its crazy they got nfl license and access to a million games as research just put whats in the game in the damn game thats all
juoc25 (8:54:18 PM): noone walks off the ****n field by themselves after an injury the organization woul dhave a fit if a million dollar player did that
juoc25 (8:54:24 PM): its crazy

MM Deejay (8:54:38 PM): lol
MM Deejay (8:54:53 PM): true..

juoc25 (8:56:57 PM): ah man so disappointed tho its te same announcers for all 32 teams .... that
will get old quick.. one man cmon.... man i watch game of the week all the time its so hype to hear the game of the week cause say if eagles play falcons in game of the week.. on the eagles drive and highlights ur hear merle reese.. and his commentary and he gets hype when mcnabb makes a big play.. and on atlantas highlights ur hear there announces talk about there play and he gets hype man i love game of the week ha
juoc25 (8:57:31 PM): all that **** makes a diff
MM Deejay (824 PM): yeah..what EA should've did is have 2 radio annoucers...

1 who annouces all your home games

1 who does your away games but this annoucer doesn't like your team....Your playing away from home so you hear the other teams annoucer

juoc25 (822 PM): yeah but we will see tho hopefully i still have enjoyment playing the game ...
juoc25 (831 PM): i dont want to be left out while everyone else is playing

MM Deejay (844 PM): yeah

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Re: Aim convo between 2 diehard madden fans....


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Re: Aim convo between 2 diehard madden fans....

And I wonder why most people suck....
“Nobody in the history of the game tried what I just tried. We’re talking about on the biggest stage, in New York, playing out of position and asked to hit fourth for the New York Yankees. I mean, that’s never been done.” - Sheffield on Sheffield
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Re: Aim convo between 2 diehard madden fans....

I weep for America's educational system.
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Re: Aim convo between 2 diehard madden fans....

Ok man, I don't understand why we're supposed to be interested in this. If you can think of a reason, let me know through PM and I'll reopen this but this forum is congested as it is without this thread.
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