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Re: Ea..BSING everyone

Originally Posted by Holic
I think what he meant was it'd be a way for cheesers to get you to quit once you're beating them 49-0. They'd go to the replay screen, and just sit there.

i dont think his point really had anything to do with replays or the lack there of, i think he was upset over the fact that ea says that they removed it because of stalling, yet they never actually had it in their online game, therefore are "lying"
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Re: Ea..BSING everyone

Im a 2k fan but i still think EA is ok..i will be getting madden for the 360..

but im just concerned, all these questions are answered very oddly..

If by 07 instant replay, challenges, and alternate uniforms are in online ill be upset..and i dont want EA saying all this garbage " its to hard"

Theyve used that excuse many times..with goaline jumps..it was to hard yet 2k had it

Im not bashing the game, but guys..when will EA realize the little things count like multiplayer football, alternate uniforms, challenges online, replaying online

The little things EA..the little things

and im talking about manually looking at replays, not the replays that come up and you hafta hit A to exit..what 2k had..give me 5 minutes total in the whole game to do depth chart and watch replays..its not that hard and i know its not..
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Re: Ea..BSING everyone

Once again, another complaint that has me asking "Who the hell cares?" Just another example of someone finding the dumbest things to cry about.

You know how annoying it would be if you play "UsuckDawg420", and the jackass kept going to a replay everytime he rolled out 30 yards with Vick and bombed it downfield for a completion?
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Re: Ea..BSING everyone


I'm not liking where this one is heading. True, instant replays have never been enabled online. Did you ever consider the possibility that maybe, in one point in the history of Madden, that they might've BETA TESTED online play WITH instant replay enabled?

At any rate, this is a pretty silly thread. Come on, Kevin. You know better than this. I'm locking this up.
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