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Re: GameInformer: Madden Interview + New Videos

Originally Posted by ObiWanJenkins
So, people that purchase and enjoy the game are mindless sheep? Sure buddy, all the people that love to play Madden are wrong, and those of you that don't are right. Give me a flippin' break. You guys come up with the worst opinions of why you can't get what you want. "Tiburon is lazy." Oh you know that, do you? You know every single developer on the staff? BS. "Tiburon is less talented than other developers." Once again, you know the skills of every programmer and artist? I'm saying no. "EA is lying about rewriting the engine." So, you've taken the discs and compared the code line by line to prove that EA is lying? Sure you did. These are the most ridiculous statements I have ever heard.

I'm an EA apologist because I have some insight into how much work an individual puts into developing a game? Whatever there, pal. You need to get over yourself. Your opinion is worth nothing outside of your own mind. You call people who actually like the game sheep, but you're the ones who don't like EA, don't like Madden, but you keep buying it. Maybe you need to study the behavior of sheep before you start flinging labels around, because you guys sound more like sheep than people who love the game.

Opinions are like *******s, and there seems to be many of both floating around here. I'm sorry that you're not intelligent enough to have read and understood my previous posts about what comments are valid complaints and which are ignorant bashing. Maybe if you researched more, you'd find out you don't know what the hell you're talking about.

And i'm the a$$hole, right?
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Re: GameInformer: Madden Interview + New Videos

This thread has run its course; I'm locking it up.

Ram209, call out a mod (or any user) again and you'll be taking a break from the forums.
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