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Re: madden 360

well, i like it alot(the graphics and gameplay), i play it just about everyday(redskins franchise, 3rd year)

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Originally Posted by joedy
My September 15th glitch is still broken even after downloading the latest patch... I won't be purchasing another one of your titles again.
Originally Posted by meep316
You moron they didn't even put out a patch yet.
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Re: madden 360

I don't think it's bad, but it's not as good as the lower end console versions in my opinion. Although the graphics and such are better, it doesn't make up for missing features in gameplay and in the game altogether. After playing it a few times I realized that I'd rather just go on the X-Box and keep going with my old season. I just don't think it's worth $60. Perhaps if they spent some of those dollars they used to advertise the game to no end as the second coming of christ into programmers, it would be better.
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Re: madden 360

I'd not buy it for $60, maybe $30 but not $60. Oh wait, I already did buy it for $60. Oh well, guess I should have rented it first, LOL. NBA2K6 is the best sports game to get IMO if you have a 360.
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Re: madden 360

Originally Posted by ODogg
I'd not buy it for $60, maybe $30 but not $60. Oh wait, I already did buy it for $60. Oh well, guess I should have rented it first, LOL. NBA2K6 is the best sports game to get IMO if you have a 360.
I bought it used on ebay for $30 2 weeks ago and i'm trading it in tonight for fight night. Its definitely not worth the $60 and guess for me its not even worth $30. Man, I hope they get things right for '07.
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Re: madden 360

I too agree with most of you. Madden 360 is just too incomplete. I didn't mind at first not having all those features, but now i'm kind of missing them

But what really makes the game not great but O.K is the horrible physics engine. Yes it's the same physics engine as the previous verisons. But its horrible. I'm tired of seeing horrible diving tackles that knock down a running- back in full strive when he clearly is well balanced. I'm also very tired of the horrible roughing the passer calls. Everytime i end up hitting the QB i get a roughing the passer with a blow to the head. Half the time before the ball has even left the QB and i hit him, is when i get the crap 15 yard penalty

Madden 360 like the reviews say is really deserving of a 7. The game is fun to play after watching some football, or playing with some good people online (lag-free) but it's really isn't deserving of anything higher. I'm just glad i got it for free. My cousin brought me NFS:MW but i already had Pgr3 so i returned NFS for Madden.
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Re: madden 360

I just never really fell that i'm in control with this version. I've gotten used to it the more I've played it, but the controls aren't nearly as tight as the current gen games.
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