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Re: Why EA WHY!!!!!!!

Originally Posted by funky_chicken
I would tend to say the reason why is twofold. The first being football is the most popular sport in the US behind Nascar.
That surprises me if it is true. Nascar appeals to a specific subset of the American culture where football, on the other hand, appeals to ALL. For the life of me, I'll never understand how it can be considered a sport. To each his own. Sorry to get off topic so I'll let it die here.
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Re: Why EA WHY!!!!!!!

Originally Posted by xrams
of course this is where we left this topic not ~3wks ago... I didn't respond b/c I felt we would hi-jack that prior thread... however, this time I just can't leave this without a reply...
two issues... 1) taking what you say to the next phase... we could conclude that (PS3) developers will start taking advantage of the added (next gen) disc space when the current gen reaches EOL (end of life), as far as the ports go....!?!?! 2) by the same token... this still means that 360 will still have the same (future) limitations regarding game space development... if infact folks choose not to upgrade to the HD/DVD drive...?!?!? do you not agree..??

I disagree... the installed base relaying on the success of the Blue-ray is such that failure is very unlikely.... there are several reasons I can put forth however, this is not the venue.... (i.e. Betamax not withstanding) sony has such a large: movie/music/video/TV/recording co. library etc.. etc... Blu-Ray/PS3 can not be compared to the old VHS vs. Betamax debacle.....
I would never down play another product.... I think comp. is good for comsumers... I hope the 360 does well...!!!
1. Most companies just develop for one console and port to the other. I think that will happen again. IMO the added disk space on the PS3 is going to go to demo's, video's and other stuff. They could port the 360 version of games over to the PS3 and then add other features though. Really depends on the company and how much extra (if any) they want to put into the PS3 version.

2. I agree with this. Of course with HD-DVD, then that would be a third option for developers to develop to. Development is such a long, complex process that I can't see a development company putting out 3 different versions. I also don't think space was as much of an issue on last gen as memory was. The consoles couldn't handle as much as developers wanted to put into the games.

We'll have to see about HD-DVD and Blu-Ray. One is going to win, the other is going to fail. I don't see a market for both formats. There are some things I don't like about both, but in the long run, I feel HD-DVD is the better option. Blu-Ray does have a large backing, but so does HD-DVD. I saw a chart of who was backing who and it was a wash. Both have some big names behind them in TV/Movie industries. Sony's Betamax wasn't the only format they failed with in the past. There were about 5 others (Sony's Super Video CD vs DVD being one, Sony's Audio CD vs CD, Sony's Dynamic Digital Sound vs Dolby Digital etc....). Not that it really matters in terms of the future.

In any case, both options aren't really worth it at this time IMO. I've seen both running on an HDTV and frankly, wasn't THAT impressed compared to my DVD player on an HDTV. Maybe in another year or so once they get everything ironed out.

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Re: Why EA WHY!!!!!!!

"Three-dimensional head scans of hundreds of players in the league add visual realism."

I found that hilarious.. if only they went with 2k5 style presentation and showed them without helmets onthe sidelines, than it would MATTER. but there just wasting their time and this drone of a writer isnt thinking too well to know that 200 individualized faces equals less than 10% of the entire game. Why go all out on stuff that doesnt get shown. a waste of time, resources, and it shows in the quality.

they easily couldve done a few more hundred and had the same quality without losing too much.. thats to say the presentation was the same.. instead of a whole 360 face scan, it couldve been a 180 frontal scan

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Re: Why EA WHY!!!!!!!

Props to you Madden guys for seeing that IGN article for what it really was. It just shows that, despite which game you like better, we all realize how crappy the current EA monopoly on NFL football games is. Although I would say I might actually buy "EA NFL Locker Room Attendant"....
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