Some of you guys need to chill..SERIOUSLY!

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Re: Some of you guys need to chill..SERIOUSLY!

I've gotta agree with DJ (as I often do when it doesn't have something to do with the English language:P). I had my criticisms, I seriously considered canceling my preorder (I'm still somewhat up in the air, but that's because of the combination of the slider issue and having less than a stellar time on the demo).

But some of the posts in that thread are positively embarrassing. Especially attacking Ian and Phil, BOTH of whom were on other projects when this game was in the meat of it's development.

Ian was obviously blind sided by the issue, Phil didn't seem to have any answers either. Hell, maybe this was the reason Ortiz quit (I certainly wouldn't wanna be the one who took it on the chin for this, which Ian has been doing despite having no good reason to have too).

I remember a few months back when Ian said "This is still a David Ortiz game", and I think people need to remember that. They talk about how "The lead designer should knew", but Ian is the lead designer for Madden 2010, not Madden 2009. Phil didn't join Madden team until well into the development of Madden 09, and I'm willing to bet the bulk of what he's been doing is finishing off what was already in the works.

So I look at it like this; We look at the comparison videos from Ian's challenge, which aren't even as bad as he makes them out to be, and compare them to the polish on the final tackling engine. We look at what Ian and Phil have accomplished when they showed up here with, what, two, two and a half months, left before printing the final build? And then realize that it's the people who made those last minute adjustments because we asked for them, and it isn't until 2010 that we'll really see Ian and Phil's leadership in action... I'm sorry, you can call me (the guy who swore off Madden 3 years ago and has yet to purchase a NextGen version of the game, has worked on no less than 5 projects directly responsible for making the past ****ty versions of the game playable) a blind supporter if you like, but I've put too much time into this year NOT to give this team a chance. I'll be damned if I'm going to demonize them for the work they've done... at risk to their own livelihoods.

And trust me, I've seen the snide remarks, I've gotten PMs about it. The fact is this, and you can look back at my posts and I promise you they'll stand up- I've been fair to the game, and respectful toward the designers, and yes, I am in Ian's corner on this and a lot of other things, because he does not have to be here, and he does not have to put up with our ****, but I guarantee you, as long as he is here and is putting up with our ****, we'll have a better game for it.
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Re: Some of you guys need to chill..SERIOUSLY!

I think what's bugging the majority of gamers here, is the fact of why did they do this? How could they take a very popular and critical option out of the game? And any answer that they give will probably not suffice because as many have said, this is just a deal breaker. And I don't get how both Ian and Phil are all of a sudden gonna try to get an answer for us? Ian claims to have known 2 weeks ago and he couldn't tell us then, but don't you think it wouldve been smart to at least have an answer for that at that time instead of when the ish hits the fan? Maybe it is a big "oops, did we actually forget to put the cpu sliders in the game?!" moment. It wouldn't surprise seeing that the NCAA team can miss a lot of stuff. Don't you think that the NCAA team wouldve tested the game using USC at least once at home? That is a very popular team and yet the game ships out with the announcer saying "we're here in PASADENA"?! Wtf? Since when is the la coliseum where the Trojans play in Pasadena?! Something aint right with EA, and I just hope they fix things. I was gonna go wait in line at midnight for Madden but now I will wait and see the user reviews to see if indeed the game is broken or if the patch can save anything.
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Re: Some of you guys need to chill..SERIOUSLY!

Some of you guys are pathetic...absolutely pathetic and sad. I absolutely agree with what DJordan said but am going to lock this thread to prevent people from coming in here and ruining the fantastic points he made.
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