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Re: Madden has along way to go

Originally Posted by GTheorenHobbes
I keep saying it over and over again, but Phil, Ian, Animator, etc. seem to think Madden's already a great game. I'm not sure we're ever going to get a football game that approaches The Show or NBA2k9, so long as Tiburon is in charge. What a fu$%ing shame.
They think its a great game, because most people play online, and the game is ok online. If you see a thread where someone is saying how much they love the game, invariably they are talking about playing online. I don't play online, not realistic enough for me.

But yeah, I'm not expecting any great leaps forward offline, because it takes money to do that, and there is no motivation for EA to do it to please a small percentage of gamers.

Man, I hope I'm wrong about this...
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Re: Madden has along way to go

Originally Posted by Pro Bowler
I couldn't agree more. I was thinking to myself the other day what does Madden really do well. I can't honestly think of one thing this game does well and doesn't need changed.

When you look at a game like NFL 2K5 atleast it had things that were great like graphics, presentation and real animations and gang tackling. What does Madden have that's so great? I use to always buy both and prefered Madden for the online play but now the game just leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

The gameplay in Madden is nothing but finding 1 or 2 glitched plays that works 90% of the time. There is no real user control to any of the moves including running and receiving.

Online is just a cheese fest with no huddle and someone running 2 or 3 plays the whole game. Offline, well I'm no expert because I play online but with all the freezing, screwed up things in franchise, boring atmosphere and a robo QB how could someone enjoy that.

This whole game needs scrapped! There is nothing here to hold onto any longer. A 11 year old modified engine from the PS1 has no appeal left.
They have things that are good/great

1.Graphics...Only thing they need is animated sidelines,fix the crowd and add more people around the field.

2****nning game is good but the only downfall is BLOCKING

The game isn't horrible just not realistic and it's right now a average game.They have a good system that they can work from but they need to work on it.

Keys to Madden 2010

Game play
Bring back old Madden options that are needed Formation Subs and etc...
Signature Styles Both Team and Players...Prefer Team

I was playing online against the Broncos and all people do is run around with Cutler and he does his robo qb...I won but it was a bad experience.
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Re: Madden has along way to go

Originally Posted by GTheorenHobbes
I keep saying it over and over again, but Phil, Ian, Animator, etc. seem to think Madden's already a great game. I'm not sure we're ever going to get a football game that approaches The Show or NBA2k9, so long as Tiburon is in charge. What a fu$%ing shame.
I've been playing that hoping Madden could get to that level of realism
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Re: Madden has along way to go

I've already gotten rid of Madden. Yes it has improved "some" but I still feel we are no where near where we could have been with competition. Madden looks good, but not realistic. If that makes sense. There are still things like no real blocking or fresh atmosphere that irritate me also. Bottom line is once again after a few weeks of playing when I could, Madden has become stale for me again.
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Re: Madden has along way to go

Originally Posted by NBA2k8 CHAMP
After watching NFL and playing Madden 09 then playing NBA 2k9 I realized what is wrong with Madden

1.The Players need Tendencies just like Basketball games.Vince Young plays the same as Tom Brady.

Play Calling needs a reworking it's almost horrible.It should be based on the teams playing style,Coaches,and situation of the game.

Adapting...There is none whatsoever....After Halftime it should be game plan changes if things aren't going correctly.

Mismatches...The cpu doesn't recognize them on either side of the ball...The cpu should exploit your weaknesses

Audibles,hot routes,adjustments,etc... The cpu needs to use alot more especially a smart qb when they see a mismatch or a blitz coming.


1.The WR/DB interaction needs an overhaul.....They need to fight for position on passing plays they just run right by each other.

(Blocking) OL/DL interaction.....Blocking is horrid.....players block the wrong person and it's usually not a very good block either....OL needs to form more of a pocket

Robo QB....My problem is when players are running around and throwing perfect passes along with pressure on the cpu and they're making perfect passes.

Short yardage runs....It needs to be more of who has a better push up front rather than blocking...which is where pile ups come into affect

Pile ups...There is none whatsoever.....It should be numerous pile ups throughout the game for ex...Kickoff returns,Fumbles,Short Yardage runs,and Goaline runs

Ratings....They really need to distinguish a 73 WR from a 96 WR....73 OL vs. a 96 OL,73 QB vs. 96 B,etc....

7.Team Play Styles and Tempo.....Every team should have a certain play style and tempo that they try to establish like for example Colts Run N Gun vs. The Bears grind it out

Crowd is bad Look wise and sound wise

1st is looks

There is no merchandise,game signs around the stadium,and also the crowd stands the whole time....The crowd should sit and they should stand when a big play errupts or it's crunch time.

Example cheese heads in Green Bay it should be team specific for Merchandise,signs,etc...

2nd Sound
It should be very loud in the stadium when it's a big game,close game,etc...

Also add chants like M-V-P-(Certain players),OVERRATED,J-E-T-S- JETS JETS JETS,etc.....

2.Sidelines and endzones....It's just not enough people on the field..Players,Camera man,reporters,Coaches,security,Cheerleaders,etc...

Interactive Sidelines...They really need these for when players get hit out of bounds,big play reactions,touch down celebrations,etc...

Big Game recongnition-Monday night Football,Sunday night Football,Primetime game,Thursday night Football,Thanksgiving Day,Two Powerhouses,Playoffs,etc.... They should reciever special presentation and coverage and all of them should be covered in a different manner

Halftime Highlights and advice for 2nd half sucess,2 minute warning Gamebreaks and Game highlights,Post Game coverage

6.Animations need alot of improvement for example sideline catching

7.On Field Refs,Chain Gain,Field Dedgration,Weather Effects,Injury Carts
Agree 100%.

Great list NBA2KChamp
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Re: Madden has along way to go

Yeah, this is a pretty good list coming from off the top of your head. It's pretty concise being an impromptu one. Make sure and repost in the wish list thread so hopefully a dev sees it.

I'm thinking of giving up 09 on next gen. I have 09 PS2 on order, but I don't know how that'll go, depends on online play and whether I can go back 1 MORE TIME... I don't feel good about it.
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Re: Madden has along way to go

Just remember that with more characters on the sidelines, and more AI resources going to them for reactive animations, you lose things that are more important. More graphical resources there mean less on the field (Just look at how crappy the fields and stadiums looked in APF which had all of things the OP talked about).

In my opinion, the sidelines just need to look believeable, which to me this year they were good enough they just missed the opportunity of having the Head Coaches presence. Trust me, if they increase the sidelines and decrease on the field of play you'll see a mound of complaints and rightfully so.

I actually think they need to decrease the number of characters outside the field of play, bring the head coaches back, and use dynamic cutscenes like 2K5 did in order to drop in a stronger sideline presence.

As far as presentation, I think Madden is being held back by timing and understanding when, where and how to use overlays and post-play camera angles. For example:

*"Drive update" overlays aren't useful, they should be replaced with player stat overlays. Give me a drive summary after a score has been made, but don't update me 4 times during one drive.

*Ring builder stat overlays... ummmmmm... no. And I don't wanna see an overlay about my player record unless I'm playing online and even then I'm not sure I want to see it. It's just useless information that has nothing valuable to add to the game that I'm in the middle of playing.

*Post play camera's... you have to treat plays as if they're important. At no time should a sack happen and the camera doesn't closely spotlight the playmaker(s). At no time should any big play result in a camera drifting away from the field. At no point should a TD scoring player be given a far-away camera shot. These playmakers should always be framed and/or given a closeup when appropriate.

Believe it or not, things like that make a big difference to presentation quality. They tried to get too cute with the post-play camera's and stat overlays and wound up doing some things that just don't jive. See what they have to understand is that football is a big TV sport. When you set out to do a game that's supposed to have broadcast elements, you can't do things that would seem strange to the people who are strongly familiar with how it's presented on TV... which unfortunately is like 100% of the audience that buys Madden, lol.

All they gotta do is a watch a few TV broadcasts and copy the style. That's all I think people have been asking for... I don't think it's asking too much at all.

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Re: Madden has along way to go

I'm thinking of throwing in the towel on Madden as well. The repetitive animations, lack of presentation, and inept offensive linemen are so egregious. I am definitely losing my patience. Also, where is this supposed open line of communication during the development cycle? Ian has been posting rather sporadically and we still have no idea if the team will heed our advice. I am just really scared because Ian has called Madden 09 a "great game" in his previous posts when it is certainly not a "great game".

Supposedly, Madden has the best tech in the industry but I am just not seeing it.
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