Requesting feedback on 5-step drop animation

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Old 04-22-2009, 08:12 AM   #161
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Re: Requesting feedback on 5-step drop animation

Originally Posted by johnnyg713
Sry to bring up an old thread... but i wonder if Ian or any of the guys that went to Orlando could shed some light on this. Does the qb drop back animation in the alpha build look like the video? (I hope not)
Nah, it doesn't resemble what it looks like in the video. It looks more like the drop-back featured in that blog about slowing down animation speeds .
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Re: Requesting feedback on 5-step drop animation

i love that Ian is allowing us to decide what looks good and what should be changed/go to the dumpster.

i personally, did NOT like madden since madden 06 for reg xbox (i never played it since 99 due to 2k football)
but the direction the game is going and the way the developer, ian, wants the game to be OUR GAME is what ive been waiting for.
every other year = david ortiz game and deal with it. now that we have a chance to provide feedback people gripe & moan like little school girls who got their panties in a bunch.



anyway, the animation looks a little funny. is there any way to mo cap certain players (all of them preferably) for a dropback?
if not maybe having a mo cap of a speedy qb (mcnabb, vick like guys) then another for the classic drop back qb (manning, brady etc) would make the dropbacks feel a little more natural.
dont forget, not every qb holds the ball close to their ear like a high school qb. as the qb progresses thru college and to the nfl, watch where the ball is.
its sometimes by the hip/chest and sometimes already cocked back and ready to go.

as a note, i like the way that apf 2k8 did dropbacks. not everything about it but the way when you are dropping back and try to run, you have to pivot your foot.
my worry is people hiking and holding turbo to break out of the dropback then darting to the sidelines or dropping back 30 yards.
its cool that you have a 'throw on the run rating' but most people set up the qbs feet outside the pocket/30 yards behind the line of scrimmage.

eh, enough. im going off topic.
we need some additional mo-cap dropbacks of REAL nfl players.
even to start working on every qb for next year would be fantastic
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Re: Requesting feedback on 5-step drop animation

Originally Posted by chia51
Okay idea for the dropback animation (and the inherent problem of people wanting to breakout and run, but still using some sort of realism to make them drop back realistically)

Since people want the ability to choose which dropback to use (3,5,7) how about tie the dropback into the primary route of the play. So if its a slant it will be a 3step, etc... also allows us to change the primary route preplay at the line, which will change the dropback to match.

I dont think I need to go into farther detail as its pretty self explanatory. PM me if you need answers.
Exactly, this is how it was in NFL2K5 and APF2K8. Certain plays had a 3,5 or 7 dropback. When you pressed the hike button the QB would automatically go into a dropback, without you having to press anything else. Now you could at anytime use the controller and make him stop, or dropback further if you wanted, but say for me alot of times I didn't because I knew the dropback steps my QB was automatically taking where based on the play and routes being ran. Also if you wanted to break free from that dropback animation you could, and the players actually moved and pivot realistically in those games. And if you changed the primary route, the dropback changed also. This is how it should be done in Madden10.

I remember my friend that didn't like to play NFL2K because of this because he couldn't hike and sprint off with Vick down the side line in the old Maddens. But he admitted that 2K had it more realistic SIM wise. This was the same case for playaction and roll out plays with the QB, just by pressing the hike button, depending on the play the QB would automatically take his proper steps or movements, but you could take control at anytime during this. I'm really hoping Ian implements this properly in Madden10.
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Re: Requesting feedback on 5-step drop animation

im going to say this as easy and bluntly as possible....I'm not a fanboy of 2k5 or anything...i just picked it up recently to see what all the hype is about. ive been playing madden since madden 92 on genesis. i personally own '94,'96,'99,'02,'04,'06,'07,'08 & ncaa '09.

Please just go and copy NFL2k5's handling of the QB's pocket movements. it's perfect IMHO. He takes his drop steps based on the play called as he should. He moves around to evade with slight flicks of the R stick to move up in the pocket realistically, move back further, roll left or right to evade oncoming defenders.

You guys at EA have had 5 yrs to take and build upon whatever good things that game had laid out. take advantage of that for god's sake!!
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Re: Requesting feedback on 5-step drop animation

Originally Posted by LBzrule
Here is my thing. This is good for some QB's, but for others get him to slow down a little bit. Joe Flacco for instance does not drop back that fast, neither does Pennington, Brady, Palmer, Roethlisburger and many others. His drop looked great for Garcia, McNabb and some others, but for others it looks too fast. So I would say just get him to drop at different speeds.
I agree with LBz ... that drop back is quite a bit quicker than most QB's. Also appeared to take short, choppy steps in comparison to most QB's. There really should be multiple drop backs to cover the variety of different drop backs in the game? If that's not possible I guess a happy, medium would be best.
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Re: Requesting feedback on 5-step drop animation

I don't care to much for this because I drop back myself and now I can step up into an actual pocket. This would be good for playing against the computer i'll just let them drop me back and look for the open pass the whole time the cpu drops back for me.
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