Who's traded in their MADDEN already...

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Re: Who's traded in their MADDEN already...

Originally Posted by Vikes1
I kind of look at it the same way Guillotine.

Many Madden gamers are now looking to Ian for change. That "change" to me means...a Madden game that seems like it was developed by people who actually know and care about NFL football.

I also agree that Ian & Co have so much ground to make up to get Madden in the type of condition that it should be in by year five, that one dev cycle just won't be enough time. Personally, I believe the coming year of development will be enough to show us the right people are now at the wheel...but just not enough to possibility make up for four years of lost time. That in my opinion is too much to expect.

I do believe Madden 2010 will be a much improved game, but it's going to be a process of a few years to really get the game were we'd like it to be. [at least how I see it.]

Exactly. It doesn't mean that 2010 won't be a great game by any means, these guys are very good at what they do. And it is unrealistic to expect them to transform Madden in just one year.

You know what I saw that told me that we finally have the right people creating the game? When Ian started talking about his ideas for animated accessories, and cinematic cut scenes. Then Phil announced Ian's promotion...yo dude, those guys have been around here picking our brains for months now. They have an outstanding pulse of this community & what want out of this game.

They may not be able to do it all in one year, but as long as thewy are in charge of the show...I really think it'll get done. We have outstanding proof just by looking at Madden 09...

I was playing Madden last week and my XBox got the red rings for the 2nd time, I come to the boards after a couple days kinda ticked off but its not Phil & Ians fault. So, these guys do get plenty of undo blame...and I certainly have been guilty of that myself. But, I know this game has gotten better with them calling the shots.

On a quick sidenote...I like the fact that these dev. have thick skin man. If we get after 'em they don't back down or flame out. They kinda stay right down the middle...I like that. I come from a big family and sometimes family fight, but its only because we so close & we're all passionate about this damn thang. Feel me? So if some toes get stepped on, or if a thread or two or three get deleted...yo it's all good folks...thats just the Yin & Yang of dis thang.

But we will work it out.

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Re: Who's traded in their MADDEN already...

I'm done with online. I cant take the foolishness and rampant immaturity. If I cant find any enjoyment out of franchise, then I'm trading this in for NBA 2k or Ncaa Hoops
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Re: Who's traded in their MADDEN already...

I'm close. Only thing that's keeping me from trading it is that I got it at such a cheap price to start with. But, it's getting harder and harder to enjoy this game - every game feels exactly the same as the one before.

Sportyguyfl31 highlights some things that bug me, too, like the run defense. I, too, play a lot of APF and the difference is staggering.

If I were to trade it in, how much credit would I get?
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Re: Who's traded in their MADDEN already...

I'm glad I got my game free because I can't play this game. Its not the gameplay but the lack of excitement. I forced my self to play 9 weeks of a franchise and had to stop. I like to have fun playing games and with this one I could not. I remembered why I didn't get 08 and wish I had not wasted my points on 09. I think I might trade this game in for college hoops. From here on out I will stick with the college game which I love and forget Madden. I do have the self control to not rush out and buy the game,that comes with age.
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Re: Who's traded in their MADDEN already...

bottom line, EA, Ian, who ever is listening, you need to work on the gameplay FIRST!!!! stop listening to th game critics (I.G.N.ore, Gamestop, ect...) about the game looking exactly like last years version. the game already looks great, there are enough features, FIX THE GAMEPLAY!!!! EA, Ian, Phil, hell, David Ortiz!, who ever is listening, test the gameplay, then fix it, test the gameplay then fix it test the gameplay THEN FIX IT!!! if you have to port the ps2 version to next gen then do it. make it work...
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