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Re: [EXCLUSIVE] Madden NFL 10 News!

i said "most sim experience for madden" i think i deserve the copy.

Originally Posted by bowdown2shadi
Thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU!

One more question though, who get the autographed, by Phil, copy of Madden 10? I guessed the "ULTIMATE SIM EXPIERENCE!"... I say I win.

EDIT: Nevermind, looked through Ian's posts, somebody won
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Re: [EXCLUSIVE] Madden NFL 10 News!

Originally Posted by Ian_Cummings_EA

We arenít about gimmicks; we arenít about fluff; we arenít about catering to glitchers or cheaters. Weíre focused on emulating what you as an NFL fan are used to seeing on TV, and what many of you players and coaches have seen on the field.
I wish I could come up with some very quotable statement...but all I can think of is WOW!...you have been listening.

Myself and I'm sure countless others were well on our way to losing all hope that the PS3/360 era would provide the type of "Next gen" football game we were hoping we'd eventually get. Although yes...seeing is believing, but at least I can feel confident that the Lead Designer and his team actually "get it."...is a most important first step.

It's great to have a reason for hope that the Madden franchise may once again be the "Flagship sports game", for reasons other than merely sales figures. I feel safe in saying that with the team thats been assembled, and the gauntlet being thrown down if you will, that however Madden '10' turns out...I can feel confident that the Madden team did their best. Thats all anyone can ask.
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What is freaking going on here...do I sense Passion from this team???? I need to reboot and see if this is really on this website....fingers double crossed.....gameplay and presentation!
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Madden NFL 10? Is the edginess over "Madden NFL 2010" really worth the confusion it will cause from people thinking it's the 10th game?

Aside from that, everything sounds great. I enjoy it when companies work directly with the people upon whom their livelihood is so dependent. I look forward to seeing what you guys have to say. (although this mission statement seems a lot like previous ones).
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Hey Josh! Can we get the Playoff logos on the field in the playoffs? You know, like Wild Card, Divisional, Conference Championship. I want to see crowd interaction, big time! The newspaper articles in Franchise Mode. Concession sales. The same sounds in stadiums in the game? I want to hear those horns and fans yelling, "Here We Go Steelers, Here We Go!" I want the legit Vikings horn when they get first downs, not some lame one.

Cut down on Tom Hammond's constant plugging of EA Sports. We know who made the game! Finally, for the love of God, MAKE A REALLY GOOD SUPER BOWL CELEBRATION! The one that you see on TV with Roger Goodell presenting the trophy to the team and confetti spraying. The guys with shirts and hats on at the podium. This is true next-gen. Make it happen! PLEASE!!! Just look at NFL 2K5 and it will help you guys out. If you do this, it will be the first Madden I've purchased since 2006.

Well, I'll buy it when it's $35 on half or eBay. I'll never spend more than that on any game!
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Re: [EXCLUSIVE] Madden NFL 10 News!

This supposed news better be worth it.
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Originally Posted by Dounte/MLBNFLNBALGS
I'd be the first to call myself a hypocrite.
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Re: [EXCLUSIVE] Madden NFL 10 News!

And revamped Franchise... lol
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By the way, on top of my wishes. I've heard this same ol' act for 5 years now. So I'll believe when I see it. I refuse to stay hope or positive about this game...
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