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I was right in my guess! Do I win the prize? ; )

God bless you and your team Ian. I am SO excited for Madden 10. "Everything you see on Sunday, see it in Madden NFL"...words that will live in infamy.
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Re: [EXCLUSIVE] Madden NFL 10 News!

Im a little late to the game here, but Congrats and Good luck to all you guys (Donny, Josh, Phil and Ian). It looks to be a bold announcement and am looking forward to what you guys can do with this years version of Madden. Cant wait to read the info as it comes out and provide the feedback.

Good luck guys, as always, you're under the Madden community microscope!!
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add worthless Xavier Lee to that list..
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CFL here he comes. Pfft, wait that would require learning a playbook. McDonalds here he comes.
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Re: [EXCLUSIVE] Madden NFL 10 News!

OK! If things keep going the way that they are looking, you guys might have won back a customer to the madden game. I have not purchased madden since 06.
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Re: [EXCLUSIVE] Madden NFL 10 News!

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great job ian. love the communication with the people on the boards here. and since i wont be watching the super bowl( because my eagles lost to the cardinals. THE ARIZONA CARDINALS). i will be able to give you all the realizm you need. lol
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Re: [EXCLUSIVE] Madden NFL 10 News!

We are very aware of the kind of game this team is planning to release in 2010. Im sure we will all be following Ian and company every step of the way, anticipating every new update.

However, can you imagine being a Madden player who does not get on these boards and does not follow what is going on like we do. They are going to pop in Madden 2010 and expect to see the same ole Madden they've seen the last 5 years. When that game starts up they are going to be like HOLY S***!!!!!!!!
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Re: [EXCLUSIVE] Madden NFL 10 News!

All I can say is that's alot of big talk and I hope Madden 10 lives upto it. I don't want this to be just another new Madden hype train that comes down the tracks every year and doesn't deliver. There are certain things we have been begging about for over 4 years - officials on the field, realistic gameplay, a true NFL presentation that is upto the standards or surpasses NFL2K5,NBA2K9 and MLB The show. Its time to deliver - I just want a football game that finally surpasses what was in NFL 2K5, you know what the true NFL fans and sim fans want, now bring it.
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Just want to remind everyone that if you haven't dugg the article yet...please do so! We definitely would love to get the news out about Ian's announcement

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