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Re: [EXCLUSIVE] Madden NFL 10 News!

Originally Posted by matt8204
I understand why some of you guys are cynical about all of this, but give the new development team half a chance, would you? If the game comes out in August and is another disappointment, criticize all you want, but it makes no sense whatsoever to harp on what is already done and rip into the team when they're attempting to make this series over with our feedback. These guys can do nothing about previous Madden games.
Great post, I have hope in these guys. They seem to be TRUE FOOTBALL FANS, and want to translate real football to the screen. I really appreciate that and for that they should be commended.
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Awesome news...can't wait to find out more info!
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wow. finally a team that understands what a great football game should be. godspeed.
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Re: [EXCLUSIVE] Madden NFL 10 News!

I aint gonna lie..this thread got me pretty pumped up!!!

I'll say it again..i have a VERY GOOD feeling Madden 2010 will be "THAT" game we been waiting for...
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Josh Looman (http://www.easportsworld.com/en_US/profile/10842560)
Iím extremely happy to present the news that Josh Looman has also just recently joined the team. Josh was the lead designer for NFL Head Coach 09, a game that will go down in history as one of the deepest and most realistic football games ever. Josh is helping out all across the game, but will primarily focus on Franchise mode. You wonít find many more people with the attention to detail that this guy has.
Excellent news.

NFLHC '09 is an exceptional game, and I hope that the powers-that-be give Josh a lot of say-so in this game. It's desperate for a major overhaul.
Hopefully they'll take everything Josh has to say and recognize
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A PC version would be nice. The 360 hasn't grabbed me. Running down the clock with a running play when the obvious course of action is a QB kneel??? Please!!!!!
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Re: [EXCLUSIVE] Madden NFL 10 News!

here is my list to for franchise mode.

multi year draft pick trades
players getting suspened
starting the first year right after this years superbowl like in nfl head coach
better scouting
draft combine
how about other coaches talking to you for plays rather than maddens choice
players moral rise or falls
drop the weapons they mean nothing to me.
random free agents that you pick up out of a supermarket
the option of trying to keep a retiring player.
more GM decisions.
choose what jerseys you retire.
possible to bring in the legends of the game to coach your team.
like the 85 bears players have 4 coaches in the nfl right now.
have some coaches in college that are tight with coaches in the nfl suggest certain players or help with the scouting
practice squad players
two times during the off season for free agents.
have team loyalty .... madden 09 sometimes has peyton manning on the free agent list in year 3 of my franchise (stupid)
have more choices of logos CFL
thats just to start.

take what you want but i would love it if you could put my last name in it keweriga (ker e ga)
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Re: [EXCLUSIVE] Madden NFL 10 News!

Last year's game was beautiful. The only thing me and the rest of the die-hard, from day one, EVERY SINGLE YEAR BUYERS, want is Online Franchises. If you don't do anything but make it so we can play a Franchise similar to NCAA 09, including a draft in which we can import players from NCAA 10 ALL OF OUR PRAYERS WILL BE ANSWERED!!! The only thing I would add to that is if you can implement a system in which we can all be Online at the same time for the draft, that would be unbelievable. Maybe make that a part of the Franchise Headquarter's features. This is what us, as TRUE FOOTBALL FANS want more than anything else.
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