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Re: [EXCLUSIVE] Madden NFL 10 News!

Mother f***ing Ian, you freaking rule man. Through out your time at the OS, you've been a very nice professional guy. Through you, it really does seem like this year's team is very passioniate. If everyone on the team shares the same love of the game you've shown, i can not wait to see what 10 will play and look like.

I personally enjoyed 09 a lot and thought of skipping 10 and waiting for 11, but the way your talking now, i'm hyped. Hopefully you guys can get some serious insightful feedback and not the typical "that sucks" kind of feedback that most gamers are know for.

However with you saying "Everything you see on Sunday, see it in Madden NFL" is sort of a BIG statement. For your sake, i really hope so. What i think most people are going to harp on is the presentation. This is the SuperBowl we're all going to be watching. Hopefully this was the first clue into how the presenation will work in 10.

Having those two guys you mentioned on the Franchise side of things exicited me a lot. I know they won't be able to reinvent t he franchise in Madden in just a year, but i can't wait to see what they will do with it, it's been barely touched these last 3 years.

This year looks like it's going to be another good gaming year.

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Re: [EXCLUSIVE] Madden NFL 10 News!

Right on ian, can't wait! but for now seeing how im going to be new to the Xbox 360 world and next-gen madden 09 i'll be happy with that.....once i get my Xbox 360 and game, Hopefully tomorrow.
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Re: [EXCLUSIVE] Madden NFL 10 News!

GO the year of the FRANCHISE!! (offline/online) WoooHoo!
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Re: [EXCLUSIVE] Madden NFL 10 News!

^^^ I actually think we will see all that and much more. (Minus maybe the handwarmers and towels Haha) This seems to be a very talented and passionate team. Also, Ian said it is a big team so obviously they are prepared for a MAJOR overhaul which Madden has absolutely needed for a long time.

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Re: [EXCLUSIVE] Madden NFL 10 News!

Good to hear...Looking forward to halftime....

Hopefully my hand towels are in....
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Re: [EXCLUSIVE] Madden NFL 10 News!

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Re: [EXCLUSIVE] Madden NFL 10 News!

Itd be sweet if we got some sort of early look at half time presentation this sunday
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Josh Looman for Madden Franchise. That is all I needed to know. The other stuff is just icing on the cake. Congrats Josh!
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