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Re: [EXCLUSIVE] Madden NFL 10 News!

Wow, this really takes the "It's in the game" slogan and ups the ante. *Everything* we see on Sunday? neato

Maybe this will finally mean hot cheerleaders in an NFL game, I definitely saw some of those.

Seriously though, the franchise stuff sounds exciting. Can't wait to hear what detail we're getting into here. Honestly, just clever CPU team management AI and stuff like realistic progression and regression would be sweet.

Ian, I know you're not a PC guy but, I'm just saying, it would be mighty swell if EA moved on confirming 2010's status for PC quickly this year, even if it's not coming.
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Re: [EXCLUSIVE] Madden NFL 10 News!

Man i can't wait for this game to come out, but first i'm gonna be "IN TUNE" with madden 09 and my new xbox 360 tomorrrow..."I HOPE" but rest assured i will have "Madden 10" in my possession as well no matter what. IAN YOU AND YOUR TEAM ROCK!!!
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Re: [EXCLUSIVE] Madden NFL 10 News!

Originally Posted by bsb13
Maybe all that stuff will make its way in eventually, but if your expecting everything under the sun in 1 year...your setting yourself up for disappointment.
Minus the handwamers etc, I don't think what I listed is expecting too much, I mean, this is Maddden 2010 were talking here.
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I haven't bought a Madden game in a long time(2 or 3 years) I'm very excited for this one.
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Impressive announcement by you guys! Back up the talk and Madden 10 will be legendary.
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Thanks for releasing this exciting news first at OS Ian. Everyone can now digg this news here: http://digg.com/playstation/Madden_N...tails_Revealed

If you're a member of digg please digg this story.

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Re: [EXCLUSIVE] Madden NFL 10 News!

I went ahead and tagged this thread as news for our front page.

I encourage everyone to also Digg this information. This is a very large honor for OS, and we want to make sure word gets out to the community where they can get their news in a clean and easy fashion.

Ian, awesome stuff. Josh and Donny - CONGRATS!!!
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Re: [EXCLUSIVE] Madden NFL 10 News!

One thing I see on Sunday's are .5 sacks...

So i'll be holding that one to your Madden 10 motto
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