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Re: Ian, worth a look.

Now that ive heard and seen ideas, I think that changing the circle would be a good thing. make it into something like how baseball games do it.

On the deep bombs its just like a pop fly and both the WR and CB would have to try and jugde by the shadow how far and when it would come down. On the short routes it plays more to the advantage of the offense because you know where the ball is going and how its going to get there(unless you have a bad QB) and can try and judge that ball as it zips to your WR. It would be alot tougher then the current system and would hlep clean up some of the little mess that players dislike.

Also make it an opition at the start of the game to have classic old school circle or the new and improved baseball like shadow
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Re: Ian, worth a look.

My apologies, I'm new with alot to say so i'll try to complete A point.

My goal is to make the user more responsible for what goes on during actual gameplay by making us have to play to our strengths while being responsible for our weaknesses. How many people don't even do anything on defense except switch men to tackle or swat/int ball? I believe this is the true definition of "cheese"
Example, Dallas. Their defense is very good for a team that didnt make the play-offs. When you play against Dallas, what actually makes their defense good? Computer assistance. The whole defense reacts properly and consistently to whatever is going on during the play. Eliminate that and you will have the same ability, but YOU will have to make it happen. How did Arizona get to the Super Bowl? They managed to keep their strengths actual strengths in crunch time (play-offs) while doing what is really the most important part of football. Managing their weaknesses. Thats how Madden should be. No, i dont know the best way to implement taking the circle off the field, but I think the reasoning has gotten confused.

It's awfully funny though to hear such an outcry for realism, let me know the next NFL or football game you see on television with a circle on the field.

Not how, but why the circle should affect QB's.

Elite QB's should be justifiably elite based on what they can and cant do. Have you ever been a victim of a QB scrambling for his life with a totally broken play waiting for a receiver to run to an open space so he can fire the ball on a bail out? AND it work. What about last years Grossman to Hester Bomb? This will change that mentality. knowing you are more likely to hurt your team by forcing a pass your QB doesn't have the skills to make will lead to more realistic actions by the user based on what the QB can and cant do. Which is all I'm trying to accomplish.
Yes, Grossman has or had a strong arm. But there is so much more to completing a 50 yard Streak with a non-elite QB and a non-elite WR. And simply, what made this possible, the circle and DB's that can't think on the field.
P. Manning has a 99 rating. Does he still have a 99 rating on the run being chased by really anybody? No, so it will play out like real life. If you can't protect Manning, his rating will be useless. That makes the gamer have to "run an offense" in order to take advantage of whatever his team strengths are instead of just being rewarded for playing with the Colts.
And finally, the mobile QB. This is simply a risk/reward system that the missing circle can finally bring to light. It is common sense that its not possible to make all throws WHILE running. If the mobile QB with low THR ACC doesn't have a circle to assist him, already lowered THR ACC rating for being on the run, it is now easier to contain him. But, thats where the Throwing Rhythm rating comes into play. Bringing into account rewarding proper throwing positions promoting the pocket QB like real life. Basically, the defense shouldn't have to defend the whole field when its only a few throws a QB would attempt anyway.

Apology, I'm off track. I'll try again later.
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Re: Ian, worth a look.

I personally don't like a lot of the indicators. They do nothing for me. I'd turn all of them off except the kicking and punting ones if I could. To make a play I rely mostly on instinct. When the timing is down you can feel when and where to make the play. I got this way probably because I spent so many years playing 2K5 with the broadcast side-view camera where you had no choice but to play on instinct and 'feel' the play.

I talked about this in another thread, but I'd love to have the ability to turn off any indicator I want. I'd like to be able to turn off passing indicators so I could add an extra layer of challenge, and like an NFL QB I'd have to remember the routes.

So in short, I think at least having the options to do these things if you want would really serve to start fixing the problem of Madden not having the same level of options that its label mates have, or of many other video games on the market. Madden is inexcusably far behind in this regard.
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Re: Ian, worth a look.

Originally Posted by IanCummingsFriend
What if the offense could only see the spot where the ball landed? When you practice, you have routes down pat and a generally idea of where the ball will be.
If you did this, the user controlled Defensive players would have to be very responsive with control at getting to the ball or you would never get there to make a block or INT. Its already pretty hard to come away with a INT in Madden. I was pretty good at it in 08, but 09 for some reason was very hard to pull off. maybe I didnt practice it enough before I sold the game.

I personally find the defense gameplay lacking in control already. Sometimes, I dont enjoy playing defence at all, because I feel like Im calling a play and watching the team play. I want to make the plays. Maybe this doesnt happen to the hardcore gamer? Remember tecmo bowl, sure it wasnt realistic, but it sure was fun making the INT's. I know it cant and shouldnt be done to this degree, but Im saying when you make a big play with your controlled player it gets you pumped. Thats why so many just rush, at least when you hit the QB for a sack, it was all you and the reward feels nice. When a computer controoled player make a play, sure its nice, but it just doesnt feel the same to me. Id also like to see big time players making big time plays. Different topic, so Ill leave it alone, but very very important.

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