IAN, quick suggestion on Power Running

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IAN, quick suggestion on Power Running

I've been truly upset with the power running in Madden this year, mainly because I couldn't run as efficient with my man Jacobs, as I could with bradshaw. This applies to all power backs though, so don't hang up.

What i've noticed is that the smaller backs, who have quicker acceleration, will actually break more tackles, or gain more yards after the hit (ie dragging defenders) than the power backs. Now something is extremely wrong here. I've came to the conclusion ( I could be wrong) that the strongest factor in determing forward progress after hits, or ability to break tackles, is based on the amount of speed or momentum the runner has built up. So , with someone like say Steve Slaton, who can get to speed very quickly, has great success running north and south, even more so than say, Brandon Jacobs.

My solution would be to insert, or build upon, the effect of the defenders tackling angle. To clarify, if the defender is attempting to tackle a power back, or any back, 2 things can/should happen.

1. The tackle animation and effectivness of that tackle attempt should be based on the angle of the tackle vs. the size/strength differential, as well as the power ability of the runner. All 3 of these things should come into more of a profound effect during the tackling process. (as well as the runner's juke/spin/stiff arm)

2. The defender should recognize that he is going to have to bring this behemoth down, and try to "line-up" the runner to get a solid tackle attempt. So, say a good LB, will try to line up a power runner, which will give a SLIGHTLY slower brandon jacobs an advantage on outside runs, because the defender will usually be ineffective chasing him down from a side/bad angle. I have provided an example below.

Not sure if this is possible, or an effective way to address this, but either way, these power backs need to play a much bigger role in 2010. Speed again should not be sole king.


So, notice in this video how Jacobs was able to get outside, because the defenders could'nt just run him down from any angle. Notice how Dallas #27 couldn't run him down from behind. In Madden 09, he could've easily ran up behind Jacobs, and hit sticked him into the injury ward, from behind, and also knocked the ball loose.

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