View Poll Results: Button Smasher or Lazy Fingers
Button Smashing (2k Games) 38 46.34%
Trigger (EA Games) 44 53.66%
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Re: Button Smashing or Lazy Bones?


I dont want to worry about messing up my controller or the dexterity in my fingers for that matter- having to tap the button makes it more work than play
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Re: Button Smashing or Lazy Bones?

Tapping all the way! Brings me more into the game. Holding down the trigger button is for couch potatoes.
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Re: Button Smashing or Lazy Bones?

Originally Posted by coogrfan
The objection of the anti-button mashers isn't that Gamer A can make Adrian Peterson or Reggie Bush run faster than they're top rated speed...
I have heard people make the contention though, not here at OS, but a lot over at Gamespot to mention one place... although I'd venture to say that the clientele here is more understanding of the nuances.

Originally Posted by coogrfan
it's that the only people who can make these players play up to their ratings are the ones with highly developed button mashing skills.
Perhaps, but I've found that there are some equalizers to keeping that under control. One of them is the other CPU controlled players. They can still catch you even if the human controlled guy is not as quick. Angles also play a role. Then there is strength factors and tackle breaking ratings for each player, because once you're caught it's going to determine what it's going to take to bring you down and in the grasp is where the tap shines brightest.

And above all, your playcalling and ability to make a play is going to reign over everything. There was a guy over at the 2K boards who was outed for using a turbo stick. What was funny about it though, is that his W-L record was terrible. He was like a hundred games below .500 and considered a cheeser, too. So even though he had the turbo stick, he wasn't able to beat out guys who had a stronger command of the game. That sorta sounds like Madden's goal too; to make it where non-sim players don't stand a chance against guys playing sim.

Originally Posted by coogrfan
Keep the button mashing in Tecmo where it belongs.
The Total Control Animation system does allow for button mashing to break out of tackles, though I'm not sure if that was the intent behind it. I've done things like mashed quick to do a stiff-arm, spin and then in reverse to break out of a tackle. It's more difficult to pull off a tackle-break in Madden, but it's there.

I'd like to have an option for both the tap and the trigger. I'd probably use the tap exclusively if it were an option, but some of what I'm hearing about running improvements this year might make me think differently if they turn out to work tightly. I'm all for change, but the trigger in its current state is just not getting it done. It bores me to tears and running with the football is supposed to be one of the most fun things to do.

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Re: Button Smashing or Lazy Bones?

I've become so scared of anything button mashing after watching my little cousins play!
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Re: Button Smashing or Lazy Bones?

I don't and have never played 2k football b/c back then when I was smaller I didn't like madden. I loved Blitz though, me and my friends couldn't get enough of bustin heads and fighting on a football field.

But if i had to choose one i would choose the trigger all you need to do is just make it where the the RB doesn't get up to full speed at first depending on what moves the back is making.

If your going staight up into a huge gap your going to hit the whole with a full burst of speed. If its something like a pitch then its going to take you a while to build up speed before you know what you want to do.

Good RB's have to be able to hit a full burst of speed at a moments notice.
Originally Posted by WatsonTiger
One out of 7 billion, and we still tagged your ***.
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