Player Retirements and Regular season presentation

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Player Retirements and Regular season presentation

Okay, I wanted to get the opinions of people on here about two somewhat small aspects of the game that I feel should be changed, one having to do with franchise mode and one with presentation.

1) I know presentation is a key issue among people on here, but I am wondering how most people feel about the current game intros? Here is what it is currently...


To me, it seems way over the top to have players running out of helmets every game with fireworks in the REGULAR SEASON. Does anyone else feel this way? People seem to want the TV style presentation, and in regular season games, its usually just players running out of the tunnel, warming up on the field, like this....


Something like that with key player stats. Or pre game pump ups...


2) I havent played franchise mode much on next gen Madden, but do players of the same positions still all retire and regress at the same age? (IE: QBs start regressing at 35, retire at 37. RBs regress at 30, retire at 33, etc)

If so, how do you guys feel about that?

I think players should have something like a passion rating (or something like that) and retirements should be based on passion, skills (ratings) and injury history. Whatever is done, I just dont think player retirements should all be predetermined as they are now. Kurt Warner is still playing well at 38 and is going to play at least another 2 years. I just think that retirements should be more random (some retire earlier than norm, some retire later) or have some kind of system like the one I mentioned.

I also think you should be able to try to talk players OUT of retiring.

Just wanted to get peoples thoughts on these two matters.
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Re: Player Retirements and Regular season presentation

I want the 2k like presentation and would really love talking players outta retirement, i had a few players retire after having there best season.
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Re: Player Retirements and Regular season presentation

Defiantly need to be able to talk out of retirement, i think 2K5 let you do that.
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