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Re: Deal Breakers?

Deal Breaker: Madden is not made.
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Re: Deal Breakers?

My only deal breaker is poor presentation.

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Re: Deal Breakers?

CAMERA ANGLES - doesn't have to be completely custom, but give me at least a few options.

CPU AI - this is kinda broad and general, but there has to be a difficulty in between all pro's predictabilty and all madden's impossibility.

OL/DL interaction - i'm excited about NCAAs blog regarding the pocket, so i'm hopeful madden is onboard with this crucial part of the game
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Re: Deal Breakers?

Realistic Passing game
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Re: Deal Breakers?

Improved online, but it's not a deal breaker after the effort I've seen from ian & co
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Re: Deal Breakers?

I would buy madden no matter what tbh. A crap game is better than no game
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Re: Deal Breakers?

Originally Posted by [email protected]_WiZaRD

Presentation that is in any way inferior to ESPN 2k5. It has to be the same quality or better.

Semi Deal-Breaker:

Gameplay that's only marginally better than Madden 09 (i.e. if DB and OL-blocking turns out to be gimmicky). If this happens I will wait until Madden 2010 becomes $5.00 bargain bin material before I even think about adding it to my PS3 collection.
I second that motion, this presentation has to finally match what NFL2K5 did years ago on a last gen. No more excusses, we have next gen tech now, hard drives space, more memory, bluray tech. It should be able to handle this and all other additions, features or what ever to Madden10.
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Re: Deal Breakers?

Only real deal breaker for me is O-line/D-line interaction. I don't want to see proper representation of line play only once every few plays, I want to see it every play. Hand fighting, pockets formed, pockets collapsed, loss of suction blocking, dominating NTs requiring double teams, etc. If they really fix the line play, I'll get the game, guaranteed.
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