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Re: Deal Breakers?

Multi Player CO-OP.

Three or Four Human controls to one side playing against the computer. If you could do it on PS2 i know damn well you can do it on next gen.

Having this option limited on the Next Gen consoles has been a frustration for me and my friends who like to start a franchise and play on the same team and see who can accumulate the most stats from their certain positions.
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Re: Deal Breakers?

Not everything listed will be in the game and everyone that posted will still buy/get it when the time comes.
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Re: Deal Breakers?

The 49ers. If they don't put the 49ers in the game, I ain't buying it.

Still haven't seen confirmation that the 49ers are in the game
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Re: Deal Breakers?

1, Franchise mode on par with Head Coach

2, Realistic OL/DL play
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Re: Deal Breakers?

Solid gameplay:

WR/DB interaction

OL/DL interaction

LB read and react

CPU running game

Adaptive AI:

Real time stat tracking

Stat based CPU playcalling

Consistent "over" coverage of big timers like Randy Moss

Online Leagues:

Complete 32 team, 16 game season league format.

Custom playbook leagues
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Re: Deal Breakers?

All the above listed, also the glitches, if there are glitches like in years past this would pretty much put a damper on things, I play online, I don't want to have to figure out how to counter a bunch of B/S.

Glitches are a major problem, lets hope they run through iit extensively prior to putting it on the shelf.
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Re: Deal Breakers?

so long as the game is released, I'll be buying it.
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Re: Deal Breakers?

1) Presentation blowout. Put 2K5 to bed finally. TV authentic camera angle options, dynamic halftime/postgame shows, progressive commentary, out of town highlights & scores...etc.

2) Franchise immersion. Make me feel like im part of a league. Storylines. Out of town updates of other "live" franchise games.

3) AI Silders. Fix CPU QB accuracy. Make the gameplay more realistic (I think this is already happening from what i've seen so far from EA).
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