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Re: Deal Breakers?

Thought of another thing....

How about playbooks that are actually....different...REALLY different.

Create a play would be super, but it isnt happening.

Maybe 5x more Offensive and Defensive plays OR give us the option to edit existing plays to some degree as we all know there are a TOn on both sides of the ball that are pretty much throwaways and useless overall.
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Re: Deal Breakers?

Improved and realistic gameplay,historic teams,presentation on par with ESPN and pylons that become detached when run into.
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Re: Deal Breakers?

I personally don't have deal breakers, but what I would like to see improvement that are in the process I believe:

1. Improved A.I. for offline players, not robotic, psychic, or perfect either. I like to see better variety in playcalling, picking up on my tendencies, and playing like there actual team.

2. Improved offline franchise mode to add some longevity.

3. Presentation, I need to feel like I'm watching the game and get stuck in the brief moment of immersion.

I am happy about the progress up to this point and believe my "need improvement" areas will be improved.
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Re: Deal Breakers?

In all seriousness, I don't really have any one "deal breaker" that'll keep me from buying it so long as when I pick it up, I enjoy it. If it's not fun, all the bells and whistles count for nothing. If I am engrossed and enjoy it, I'll live without a few things.

Actually, I take that back... there is ONE big game killer to me- sliders. Full compliment, HUM and CPU. I wont buy it without that, period. I'm sorry, Ian, there is a point where I draw a line

What will disappoint me if it's not in?

* Double teams and a working 3-4

* A greatly expanded and heavily improved franchise mode

* Completely redone stadium sounds, particularly crowd noise

* Allow me to scroll down save/load menus

* More custom logos

* Borders on created jersey numbers

* Ability to see a full sleeve when creating a jersey

* Custom playbooks

* More intense, immersive game intros

* Full compliment of sliders

* Accelerated clock (preferably with the option to keep it running to the very end of the game!)

* Situational opponent tendencies on play call screen

* Expanded custom leagues w/ definable divisions, schedules, and playoff formats

* Online franchise

There ya go.
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Give us a raise, loser!
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Re: Deal Breakers?

A drastically improved franchise mode. I'll trudge through my disappointment in other facets of the game if the franchise mode is decent enough (see: NCAA 09).

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Re: Deal Breakers?

Once it comes out in August i guarantee i buy it Day 1..... as i do every year... because no matter what the problems with the game are... i NEED my NFL fix... so there aren't any "deal breakers" for me.... but my main issue fixing the running game (cpu mainly)... and if they add presentation to draw me into the experience better than i'm sure i will be happier than a pig in sh*t....
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Re: Deal Breakers?

1. Camera angles (broadcast)

2. Coach mode

I've never played next gen Madden or NCAA so I can't comment on what is needed gameplay wise...

Hopefully this year is the year.
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Re: Deal Breakers?

Originally Posted by jerseyjay14
what absolutely NEEDS to be in the game for you to buy this years version? for me their are 2 things that i can not live without... and i wont purchase madden 2010 if they arent in:

1) camera angles - i need madden long or something similar.

2) online franchise - any other mode is a waste of my time.

what are your must haves?
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