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Re: Let SCEA make a NFL game!!!

Originally Posted by Exonerated
EA makes an awesome Fight Night, NHL and FIFA game, it makes sense that they should make an awesome Madden and NCAA game too right?
Yea for some reason people seem to forget that different teams work on different genres, even though all the games are under the same company.

The evidence is everywhere, from EA, to 2k , and SCEA.

The OP mentioned that with the PS3 he feels they would make a great football game, but SCEA has the PS3 for their basketball game and it sucks, so I dont understand why he doesn't get it. The staff that worked on the show wouldn't be working on Football.

Oh well everyone is entitled to wishfull thinking.

Right now all I care about is Madden 10 being successful. I miss the days of having my boys coming over to do battle for money. Its been 3 yrs since we have been able to do so cause Madden hasn't cut it, but my fingers are crossed for Madden 10.
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Re: Let SCEA make a NFL game!!!

Could you imagine a Football game with 50GB's + of memory.
Gameday was on a 9GB disc I think.
Plus a 400GB disc for Blu Ray will be out sometime between now
and 2010!!!!!

400GB's of FOOTBALL!!!!
Heres the link for my source
Find out the Truth http://www.amazon.com/Secrets-Heaven...=operasport-20
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Re: Let SCEA make a NFL game!!!

Originally Posted by ZoneKIller
Im pretty sure SCEA has diff devs working for them now than they did 10 years ago.
the last gameday wasn't 10 years ago man, the last good one was 10 years ago maybe. im talking about the ps2 ones that were worse then any madden
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