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Re: Superstar

Originally Posted by DeLuX
It wouldn't take much time at all to remove it.
And you know this how?
There are two types of people on OS: Those who disagree with me, and those who agree.

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Re: Superstar

The running back camera is too forgiving. You really can't see that much inside the helmet.

As with every position really. Unlike a normal camera angle. We need to see less. This way it immerses us.
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Re: Superstar

IMO Superstar mode has a lot of potential. I think you guys thinking SS mode is boring goes back to the lack of presentation. I agree it needs a lot of work like an ACTUAL draft when your players drafted. Get rid of the boring calender menu for a crib or something. Like I said it has potential it's just one more thing that has been [email protected]$$ed over the years by EA.
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Re: Superstar

I agree that they should scrap SS this year completely. If they want, they can totally revamp it and put it in a future game. As it is now, its a total waste of space.

And I also agree that Rewind and Ring Builder should go as well.
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Re: Superstar

Im not too fussed about "superstar" in M10... if they leave it as is then fine, if they remove (i think a dev said this wouldn't happen) then fine, if they improve then excellent!! Whichever one is the case is fine by me... that being said, i'd fully expect it to be vastly improved in M11.
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Re: Superstar

IMO....SS isnt a waste of time....it's really what you prefer....Franchise can be labeled as wasted space also....but think if they removed both....then a huge downfall would occur......both need to be revamped and adjusted.....both could and will eventually be a success but when....IDK....when i 1st got madden i played 1 or 2 yrs of Franchise....then i moved on to online play quit that quickly.... and now im doin SS....all need improvement and no aspect of madden will ever be perfect....so take it all in stride and keep it movin....like they say "you cant please everyone" and that's the sole reason SS, Franchise,Online and Madden in it's entirity will never be perfect
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Re: Superstar

It would be awesome if they put teh effort into it, bust as it stands its garbage. Im not sure how many companies a production crews in other buisness wouldnt get canned for putting in such a half assed effort into something they pimped.

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Re: Superstar

You dont just scrap a feature like superstar mode when it has such high potential..It could be improved this year without the mode even being focused on at all..If they add all the accessories that we hope they add(shoes, eye black, mouth piece, etc.), customizing your superstar will be alot better. Also the game speed and gameplay in general will have a major impact on the field..And lets not forget the graphics..did you see the pictures? And last but not least..If they do finally generate faces for rookies..that would be like icing on the cake..And this is how much superstar mode can be improved without it even getting any recognition. Now all they have to do is make a few significant changes focusing on superstar mode and this feature could be more improved then you think..and thats just my opinion.
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