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Re: how to make generic rookies unique

im happy for the response i got for this thread didnt think so many people would be into this. im only 5'9 140 pounds but from the neck up i do look like i could be a nfl qb or a nfl receiver cb,safety,kicker or punter so i would definitly send in a photo.
be nice to hear from ea on this i dont think ive ever had one person for ea reply to any madden thread ive made lol.

Originally Posted by PGaither84
My understanding was that the crew of VC who made ESPN 2k5 just used the base photos of thier staff and had a face generator thing that did funky things to those images. Forexample you saw the same few faces over and over again but there were modifications. Eyes lips nose and such were shifted around, made larger, smaller, closer, wider, etc so that there were differences and those faces were Skinned onto a blank standard model. It made things look loess terrible than "No Photo"
the problem with nfl2k5s rookie faces were eventually i would have maybe 5 players on the team with the same face just slightly different skin tones.
however one other way i see how madden could do it is take nfl players eyes,noses,mouths,ears,chins,faces. and have some system that randomly takes a nose,chin,eyes,etc. and puts them together on a face this way you could have a play with fitzgerald eyes and lts nose etc.

Originally Posted by PGaither84
I do like the idea of seending in photos, but I can imagine licensing fees for using your likeness [EA would have to have one of the leagal things that Magazines have where anything you seend you are giving them the right to publish and the image will not be returned, etc.] Also the FLOOD of mail they would recive and have to sift through and scan... and I don't think they would WANT to do this, at least not for M10. Maybe if it were email only and such?

P.S. I do understand that you ment email, but I can imagine people wanting to seend them in the Mail as well
i dont think the legal thing would be a problem just a extra page that says "legal legal legal if you accept these terms sign your name"
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