Is Madden the most popular sport game in the world?

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Re: Is Madden the most popular sport game in the world?

Originally Posted by bconngemini
I hate how our country has turned into a bunch of PC europe-loving Obama followers who think its somehow wrong to say "soccer sucks and is for fags". The thing is the current liberal pc police even themselves know that we all know soccer is a girls game and that Madden is #1.

Yes I get that Europeans don't have Madden and they buy FIFA because they'd rather glamorize little 120lb guys with ponytails who "kick le ball" instead of glamorizing 280lb monsters who crush their opponents with masculine power. That doesn't mean that Madden isn't the most popular among those who can choose between soccer and football, unlike other countries who don't have the freedom to choose one or the other because the stores don't sell them anything but FIFA.
wow... you are ignorant.

I live in england and we can buy madden over here despite the fact that you seem to have most of europe confused with communist china!?!?

I love american football cos it is soooo different to our football but is it better-NO. Is our football better- NO. They're two completely different sports and can't be compared!!

Hell, you can compare rugby to american football and if you do then nfl players look like fairies!! rugby players dont have helmets or pads and they hit each other just like nfl.... but i happen to think nfl is better than rugby... just my preference.

Oh and for many years PES outsold FIFA and was a far better game until this year...

The truth of the matter is that only in canada (not sure if cfl still exists) and the U.S. does a professional american football league exist... but nearly every other country in the world has a soccer league... there's a reason the nfl calls the superbowl winners "world champions"... becaused nobody else in the world plays it!!!
Do you think inter milan, man utd, real madrid.... would call themselves world champions just cos they won their domestic league??? NO.
man utd can cos they just won the world club championship in a tournament against teams from every continent in the world...

All of this is here nor there because madden isn't the most popular sport game in the world... it is in north america (and only north america) but to think that is a representation of the other 6,400,000,000 people in the world is ignorant but ignorant doesn't seem to difficult for you to muster and that's probably because you've never been anywhere other than your home town.
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Re: Is Madden the most popular sport game in the world?

This thread really shouldn't be open any longer.

Arguements have been given for both sides. If the OP can't form an opinion from the facts given, then leaving this open really isn't going to help him.

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