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Re: Interesting tidbit From Phil's Twitter

Originally Posted by DeLuX
You need use fictional play by play guys like 2K did that way you can record audio ALL day EVERY day. that's why 2K always had amazing commentary.
Yeah, this I think would be the best way to go. You hire 2-5 actors and you can have two of them do hours of game commentary, 2 to do hours of pre-game commentary and 1 to be the side line reporter. I'm sure they would cost less than Collinsworth and Co. and you would be able to have more of and audio archive. So in theory you could save a few $$$ on commentary while adding large amounts of audio to the game.


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Re: Interesting tidbit From Phil's Twitter

I think the last gen commentary of Michaels and Madden stunk, and it suffered from the same problems that the Hammond-Collinsworth team suffer from now. So when people say bring back Madden and Michaels, I just think it's a matter of people liking Michaels and Madden more as personalities than they do Hammond and Collinsworth, not because the commentary was better.

If the recording is improved and there are more lines I think people will begin to like the new team more.

Having said all of that, so far the best play-by-play guy in any football video game in my opinion is Brad Nessler of NCAA Football. If Hammond was as 'on' as Nessler, it would make a huge difference. Nessler just knows how to get it done.
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Re: Interesting tidbit From Phil's Twitter

Originally Posted by PGaither84
Did you know Collinsworth was a reciver and that he played safty in Highschool? I was playing a game of Madden and he told me that. I thought i'd share that with you all in case you didn't know that Collinsworth played recive and played Safty in Highschool. Isn't that something? I can't remember who I was playing as, but out of no where he hit me with that info. I was like "Wow, really?!?"
How can you be a niner fan and not know who Collinsworth is? lol. He hates Joe Montana because Joe singlehandedly denied him the Super Bowl... TWICE.

Yeah, Cris Collinsworth played against us twice in the Super Bowl. You should know who he is, lol.
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Re: Interesting tidbit From Phil's Twitter

Originally Posted by CapnKill
Oh god, Collinsworth again?! Kill me now
I liked him. It was the other guy that I didnt' like.
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Re: Interesting tidbit From Phil's Twitter

Originally Posted by Guillotine 1
I'm seeing an intentional effort by a few people to be as negative as they can, or to insult these developers in whatever way they can get away with.

For the record, the commentary in '09 was the best the game has ever had. In fact, Madden NFL '09 was the best next-gen iteration of the game...and 10 will by far be the best EA has put out.

If you hatin on these guys now, then you clearly have an agenda (of which I want no part). A few of you have been reported to OS mods, and some have been placed on ignore by this user.

If your not here to help...GTFO!

I work too hard, and I take time (that I don't have) out of my day to come here and contribute to this community effort every day & night...I will not have a few bad apples stop the awesome progress we are making with the developers.

Take the damn bull by the horns fellas.
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