View Poll Results: How should quitting and online defiance be handled?
Leave as-is. Post their DNF % and leave it at that. We have lives! 3 8.33%
Keep the DNF % and let the game end with full credit immediately. Us winners have lives! 13 36.11%
Give full credit to the winner immediately and disallow the user to play another game for a set period of time. 9 25.00%
Issue Bans for repeated quitters. Quit 3 times in a day and you're banned for a day. 11 30.56%
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Re: Online Defiance Consequences - Your Opinions?

what if my connection drops?.....is that treated the same as a quit?!

if so then there is no way in heel i should be penalized for that
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Re: Online Defiance Consequences - Your Opinions?

Originally Posted by l NErd l
I agree.

Suspension/Ban these players for a certain amount of time. Even if it is 15 minutes I would be satisfied. It just get's ridiculous at times having to sit and play the boring CPU to get a win. I kind of feel like I am being punished.

DNF is simply not enough. Suspension/Ban is the way to go. This show of poor sportsmanship is getting out of control these days. If itís not a "Successful" cheeser itís a quitter.

Don't you think?
completely agree!
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Re: Online Defiance Consequences - Your Opinions?

I quit playing online because of people who quit after i would winning after the first quarter. Got way to annoying. I hate to be winning only for a player to quit and i don't receive any credit
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Re: Online Defiance Consequences - Your Opinions?

Originally Posted by ugotjackdup
i think the underlying problem is having to play the computer to get the win. u can beat the computer 99 percent of the time, so what exactly is the logic. i used to love people quitting in the old days, that means it wastes less of my time.

if you got the automatic win, i dont think there would be half the complaints about quitters
I agree with this.

On the other hand I am also bitter towards people quitting games. Maybe I wanted to see the stats?!

Maybe if you quit two consecutive games in a row you can't play for 30 minutes. This would have room for error for that random drop/busy quit... but if you are quitting consistently you will have to wait!

I don't think we need hour/day long bans... I think we just need a half hour/15 minute ban to deter kids from quitting. Play the last 2 minutes out for gosh sake! Sore losers.
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Re: Online Defiance Consequences - Your Opinions?

i think you should just end up playing the cpu on superstar difficulty this way the player still has a chance in winning because sometimes bad connection happens and u get dnf rating when u didnt mean to quit soo i say put the cpu on when one of the players quit.
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Re: Online Defiance Consequences - Your Opinions?

Ban them for quitting more than twice. A problem i see is what do you do with those who have more than one user name do you ban that ip address so no one can play?

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Re: Online Defiance Consequences - Your Opinions?

If a person gets a win because someone quits, then you have to impose a limited ban on the quitter, because I am sure we are gonna get some smart azz's that play each other to quit so their friends can rack up cheap wins.
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Re: Online Defiance Consequences - Your Opinions?

Originally Posted by CreatineKasey
Far too often we look for a fun gaming experience online facing a random opponent that turns sour, particularly through quitting. Gameplay styles can be debated until our faces are blue, but quitting early on a consistent basis isn't acceptable. Of course life gets in the way at times, but that isn't the case 99% of the time someone quits in Madden.

I personally think the best approach is to block the quitting player from playing another online game a period of time, such as 15 minutes. Most often these quitters just play out the first couple of series and if things don't go their way they quit and start another game immediately.

Banning people outright may be a bit harsh.

I'm also against the feature that forces people to finish games against the CPU to get complete credit. That is a waste of the winner's time. They aren't the problem here.

Just showing the DNF % has it's stigma in lobbies, but still isn't a heavy enough incentive in my opinion to have people stick out games they are losing in.

I'd be interested to hear some thoughts on this. There was a solid article posted a couple of weeks ago here at OS talking about online cheating and quitting. The possibility of being banned on servers was discussed much like Valve's Counterstrike servers.

DNF % = Did not finish percentage

Edit: The third option is regarding the QUITTER not being able to play another game for a set period of time. I said user and that isn't precise enough. I mean't the user who quit. Apologies.
Hogwash!!! My DNF is at 39% , 22.7 % disconnects from glitchers that have been losing and freeze the game up, 15.3 % from me quitting. My Record is 57 - 93. Most of my losses are from me getting the disconnect glitch or me quitting.

Why do I quit? Simple, I refuse to waste 40+ minutes of my gaming time playing some cheeser / glitcher that abuses the game. Once my opponent does one cheese move or glitch, I'm gone. Even if I'm in the lead I still leave the game. I always send my opponent a voice message and explain that I do not want to waste my time with that type of player and congratulate them on a free win.

To restirct me for quitting a game against a cheeser/ glitcher would be totaly wrong. The system is fine the way it is now. The only thing I would suggest is putting a feedback system in place like that other game has. Then we could get more info on what type of player a person is.
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