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Madden's BIGGEST problem throughout the years.

The only thing that has actually stopped me from playing madden is not how effective FB dive is, not whether a QB has a towel hanging off of him, not referees not being on the field; what has killed my desire to play are the following:

In 09 it was rocket catch, 08 it was strafe catch, 07 it was jet pack, etc....

Now I know strafe catching was fixed on Madden, and it was "patched" out of NCAA this year, so the only MAJOR game play problem was the ability to rocket catch curls, out routes, corners, fades, etc and if luckily executed perfectly was simply undefendable and the percentage of mid air collisions in this scenario were clearly a non-factor even though a defender was near by or evey right under/next to the WR.

The thing here is the Rocket catching is not really the problem because its not an unrealistic animation what so ever. The problem here is either the defensive AI or the limited amount of user-control you have over a defender when you click onto him.

Obviously, the reason these types of passing exploits are so abused is because its purpose is to defeat any type of defensive coverage what so ever by simply accomplishing this "user-catch" thus killing the aerial chess match completely.

So I have faith in Madden this year with Ian at the helm. I know somebody will probably find some types of exploits within the first month or two but I pray that Ian and co. will patch these issues the same way Treyarch patches all the exploits in Call of Duty. I don't know why Rocket catch was never patched on Madden 09 even though people were rocket catching in the Demo but oh well.

The running game was never really too exploitative besides FB dive but other than that once the pass game is right this game will be damn near flawless.
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Re: Madden's BIGGEST problem throughout the years.

While most of us agree that it isn't the Rocket Catch that's the problem, it is the defense not attackign it liek real life, I do have to ask as a fellow poster to OS that you please try and find a thread already talking about this before you start a new one. Thanks.

Soild points... but just in the wrong space, imo.
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