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Re: Your Best Madden Experience (Any Year)

Madden 2001 for the ps1
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Re: Your Best Madden Experience (Any Year)

Since I didn't start playing Madden until after they secured the license, my favorite would be Madden 09.

Since I have a franchise with three other friends, I would say we have had more than a few fun moments in our 12 seasons.

A couple of fun highlights:

- Drafted a 6'7 TE in the 7th round of the draft, Donny Otto was his name. Started with a 67 rating but I fell in love with his pass catching abilities. Kept getting him the ball and he keeps catching it, he became a mid 80's TE after about 4-5 seasons and now in his 11th season he is an 88 which is actually I believe 4th best TE in the league right now. He also made a huge catch in our only SB win, see below.

- We discovered the pitch button during one of our game nights and we were playing a team (don't remember which one). We're down 14-3 just before the half and the comp fumbles. My brother picks it up and my friend and I are trailing him all alone, literally all three of us running towards the endzone. My brother decides to get cute and pitches the ball backwards, which goes past my friend and I who are still running. We turn around to get the ball but a trailing defender picks it up. They end up scoring on that drive to go up 21-3. Needless to say we don't really use the pitch button anymore.

- Our crowning moment was in year 5 of our franchise, when we played the 49ers in the Super Bowl. It was a tight game and we were losing late in the game, down 10-3 I believe. We are driving late, and we end up 4th down and 8 on the 10 yard line. We NEED to get at least a first down. My friend drops back, looks, and hits our TE Donny Otto on a slant for a 9 yard gain. We saved the replay because it actually looked like Otto was fighting forward to try and get in the endzone. We punched it in the next play and tied the game up at 10. Their offense takes the field and we are holding them pretty good. There was 13 seconds left in the game, and I was able to jump the route on a strike to their WR, I picked it off and rumbled 40 yards to score with about 6 seconds left. We had finally won the SUPER BOWL!

- I shed a tear the day my created LB retired. He was 24 and played 11 seasons before hanging them up. He was a first ballot HOF player and always played better than his rating (83).

There are still plenty of fun moments to be had, as we attempt to complete our franchise before M10 comes out.
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Re: Your Best Madden Experience (Any Year)

Plenty of great experiences in 09.
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Re: Your Best Madden Experience (Any Year)

Just about all of the Genesis games were great. I remember having a Madden tournament at my uncle's house between all of the guys there on Christmas Eve in 1993. I was only 11 and I won the whole thing, which was pretty cool. I remember making a goal-line stop on Emmitt Smith on the last play of the game using the Giants against Dallas, which preserved the win.

I think Madden 2005 was my favorite out of the recent versions. I probably played that one the most.
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Re: Your Best Madden Experience (Any Year)

Originally Posted by marktg30
Mine would actually have to be in Madden 08. My second season with the Browns.

I was in the AFC Championship in Cleveland.

After an insanely close game (tied at 20) I had the ball on the Denver 37 with :15 seconds left.

Trying to get the ball into FG range I dropped back with Brady Quinn looking for Braylon Edwards on a 10 yard out pattern.

Champ Bailey picks the ball off and sprints down the sidelines for the game winning score with :00 on the clock.

Perhaps the most crushing and most exciting game I have ever played in Madden.
Any team besides Denver Man!!! the drive, the fumble, and now the freaking interception!!!
I have two great stories. Madden 99 as the Browns, I jump out of the gate 0-5 pull off 10 wins in the last 11 games to finish 10-6 and make the playoffs as the wild card. First round loss to Buffallo but, making the playoffs after that start was awesome.

Madden 02 again as the Browns I am in the divisional playoffs vs. the Oakland Raiders: down by 4 points with :02 to go in the game on my own 45 yard line. Tim Couch throws the Hail Mary to Kevin Johnson who catches it on the five yard line and scores as time runs out!!! My friend was over watching me play and we both jump off the couch and he spilled his beer on my carpet but, it didn't matter AFC Championship game baby! I lost the AFC Championship to New England 14-42 and threw 6 interceptions
Gaming hard since 1988

I have won like 20 Super Bowls in Madden so I am kinda a big deal.
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Re: Your Best Madden Experience (Any Year)

Originally Posted by stlstudios189
Any team besides Denver Man!!! the drive, the fumble, and now the freaking interception!!!
No joke... I can't wait for Madden 10 to give me plenty of good games.
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