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Re: Any Chance?

I hope so. Gives you much more options come draft time
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Re: Any Chance?

This should not be a difficult thing to implement and it is something that they admitted in head coach had been asked for for years so I would have to guess it would be in this year. While we haven't heard anything about franchise yet I am atleast for a couple weeks sticking with the no news is good news philosophy here. I figure at least for the time being the more they postpone these franchise talks the more they are trying to build up to it as an actual big deal feature.
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Re: Any Chance?

Originally Posted by marktg30
If you consider all the times we had to hear "Maybe next year" about all things Franchise from Ian last year - it would be rather infuriating to hear that nothing will really change.
Do not misunderstand me here... I'm not saying Franchise mode wont be significantly better. I'd put money on it being outstanding. What I'm saying is that I kind of expect them to stick within the same framework and make everything work right. A working model of what already exist would make a lot of people here happy.

The reason to have hope is they haven't said anything. This tells me they're holding it back for the stretch run or EAnthonyS isn't approving what's there... if the latter is the case, expect something very big.

What I am saying is that I don't expect a new interface, a new way of approaching franchise, I don't expect them to rewrite franchise from the ground up... rather add some new options and fix what's already there.
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Re: Any Chance?

I just remember last year everyone begging and begging for a franchise blog and then when it finally came the only improvements they made were with sim stats.




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