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Ian, PLEASE....say it isnt so!

Defensive assist in Madden 10?

Well, I guess I dont really care if its in, as long as it is disabled online. Ive always played user D, and I dont want some little kid playing tight lock on D all while holding one little button. This would ruin the game for me and many others who acctually would like to play the game instead of letting the CPU play it for us.

Which brings up a follow up question, if you feel the need to incorporate newb features like this garbage(doubting you do) Please give them a Rookie lobby to play in that isnt ranked with the rest of us who would acctually like to play the game.
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Re: Ian, PLEASE....say it isnt so!

The defensive assist is not like some automatic defensive weapon. It's just a way to keep your assignment, whether it's a blitz or whatever. Russell even said that it can put you at a disadvantage because when you're using it you can't go for an interception or big hit.
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Re: Ian, PLEASE....say it isnt so!

its not in madden, ian confirmed that it is an NCAA only feature..
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Re: Ian, PLEASE....say it isnt so!

Originally Posted by BORN4CORN
its not in madden, ian confirmed that it is an NCAA only feature..
Where or when did he say this? I know someone asked about the man lock, and he said it was not in madden, but he never spoke of this rediculous aid.

And too the first guy, how is not having to move the player around yourself, and having him do exactly what he should do NOT, a defensive weapon. And of course you can still hit stick or pick it, the computer just wont do those things for you like it will everything else. This is one of the stupidest features i have ever heard of, NCAA has already lost me as a customer with all the crap they have showed.

I do still have hope for madden though, as I have showed by pre-ordering the game already. But of course i can change that pre-order at any time and use my money for something else...and if this crap is in madden online, i probably will.
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Re: Ian, PLEASE....say it isnt so!

If this game is made right you wont have to worry about some "little kid" playing Lock D on you. Your football IQ should be better than his and THATS what should help you prevail. Just like I don't care to lose to some over-caffeinated "stick skills" jockey who has no clue of how football is played. If this was a battle of "stick skills" then lets go play Street Fighter. I came to play the X's and O's of football.
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Re: Ian, PLEASE....say it isnt so!

Why do people always automatically assume that because something is in NCAA it's going to be in Madden? There's 2 different teams that work on both games. Sure they tend to borrow a few things here and there, but overall they're never exactly the same game. Until Ian confirms something, I wouldn't jump to conclusions.
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Re: Ian, PLEASE....say it isnt so!

Why don't people read the Madden Forum rules? (No "Ian!!!" threads.)
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