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Madden 2000 - Part 2? *Rant*

[Rant] I think they need to rename "Madden 2010" and change it to "Madden 2000 - part 2" because they look to be releasing a game with a feature set that would have been cutting edge 10 years ago.... I mean do we really need a poll asking if the game should have multiple camera angles? Madden 2001 had multiple camera angles, the first or second edition of the current gen game. yet the 4th and 5th versions on next gen either dont have it or need the community to beg to have it in? Same thing with controller configurations.

Madden 09 had what, ONE set of controls? Which is completely different then the current gen controls that many had come over from and had to relearn how to play. Sure maybe everyone loves the nextGen controls and the CG crowd needs to stuff it... but again, madden 2001 had multiple controller configs, and basically every game, sportgame or not, has multiple controller configurations.

How can you be on the madden team and not be embarrassed when you go home and play NHL, or FIFA, or MLB the show, or NBA 2k/Live and see multiple cameras and controller options? The back of the box on madden 2000 probably said something like "all new camera angles" and "dramatically improved franchise mode" i dont think madden 2010 can put that on the back of the box and call itself madden 2010.... so it will be called madden 00 -part deux until further notice [/rant]
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Re: Madden 2000 - Part 2? *Rant*

Blog it
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