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Yes with speed bar shown 4 8.16%
No dont like the idea at all 22 44.90%
Yes but with bar shown 13 26.53%
Yes with option 6 12.24%
Yes but without the bar, something different to see like icons dissapearing. 5 stars, each second 1 dissapeers 4 8.16%
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Re: Speed bar

Originally Posted by Exonerated
Since when is fatigue a gimmick? I challenge you to go outside and sprint at 100% speed for 20 seconds.

PS. You can't do it.
When has a play ever lasted 20 seconds?
Ive heard of 18 once
And fatigue isnt the gimmick.
Gimmick would be bars and only sprinting so long
Fatigue should be done in percentage
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Re: Speed bar

Here is the original post (cut down for the sake of clarity).

Maybe something along the lines of NBA Jam's Turbo (it runs out the longer youhold the button).

I would want the sprint bar to be invisible, of course.
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Re: Speed bar

I would like to see the 'speed burst' wear off. If it was a different rates to account for stamina, that would be even better.

It would also be nice if just basic speed ratings took a hit after maybe 40-50 yards of running to show players running out of steam on a long break away.
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Re: Speed bar

Fatigue should determine how long a Player can run at top speed. I would'nt want to see any speed bar on my screen for that.

I voted No.
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Re: Speed bar

I have always wanted this sort of thing in Madden. Right now any player can sprint forever. With a speed bar, each player (depending on STAMINA rating) will realistically tire out after sprinting for a long period of time. But, you can't make the bar drain out too fast because an NFL player can run long distances for a little longer than most think. When that player has to take the handoff, bust through the hole, shake a guy and stiff arm another, THEN run 35 more yards for the TD, that is where the bar needs to drain a little faster. Not to where they are running 3mph towards the end, just not a full sprint.

A 99spd player with 99sta should be able to run long distances without getting to drained out. Ofcourse, if you are in practice and run full speed in circles for 5 minutes straight he should be on the floor gasping for air. A guy with 99spd but like 85sta should be able to run fast still, but not as much as before. The stamina should act as the factor for how long the bar lasts. With that 99spd 85sta guy, after running full speed for a while, he should be running 85% of his speed.

Stamina tying into how long you sprint for is a very complicated thing to explain. But it does need to be implemented and also it should be invisible by default, with the option to turn it on.
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Re: Speed bar

Along with this speed bar idea should be the overall stamina of the player. Drain your speed bar chasing a shifty RB like Reggie Bush on a cutback clear across the field? You probably should be a bit gassed the next play. It's kind of tough to quantify that fatigue because of the heavy amount of commercials happening in todays NFL games. Players get more than enough rest time very often. It's still a cool idea though.
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