View Poll Results: Online or Offline?
Online: Lobby/Friends 7 9.86%
Online: Friends Only (Leagues Included) 7 9.86%
Offline: Human/CPU 30 42.25%
Offline: CPU Only 15 21.13%
Equally play Online/Offline 12 16.90%
Voters: 71. You may not vote on this poll

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Re: Online Vs. Offline

when I played Madden, and when I play NCAA, It's offline Dynasty/Franchise. NCAA '09 added Online Dynasty, thats the only online gaming i see(for sports games).
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Re: Online Vs. Offline

90% vs CPU
10% vs mates

All offline.
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Re: Online Vs. Offline

Cpu unless im playing with a fair and good opponent
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Re: Online Vs. Offline

I play only offline vs. CPU in Franchise mode only. I have no desire to try to play against a bunch of cheesers and smack talkers online. The CPU is a very respectful opponent (no smack talking). The CPU also won't cheese you to death for the most part.

Since there will always be some kind of cheese/glitch in sports games and there will always be jerks that will use it online, there is no reason to want to play online.

Tiburon please put your emphasis on offline play.
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Re: Online Vs. Offline

Only offline franchise
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Old 04-04-2009, 09:39 PM   #22
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Re: Online Vs. Offline

Offline. Human v Human or Human v CPU.

Online theres always the lag issue, cheesers, and dropped matches aka disconnects.

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Re: Online Vs. Offline

I played franchise/offline with friends on every madden up until 07 but then once I moved to to Next Gen I have moved to online and can't get back into offline cause frankly, its weak now.
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Re: Online Vs. Offline

I play offline 95% of the time on Madden, mostly because the people online cheese to no end. I try my best to play straight up sim, but it seems if you play Madden like a football game, you will be toast.

Offline, I spend around 60% on Franchise, 15% on Superstar, and the rest playing against my brother or uncle. If this game would step up and and fix the offline franchise, I would play it more often.
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