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Re: Would you be willing to accept...

Originally Posted by BigTigLSU
Well every paly has a primary WR QB starts out looking at primary WR each play... if you want to simulate a QB looking off Preplay you can have an option designate who his first read is....

So lets say for example

for the Saints

You have 3 Wide formation with on this given play you are near the end zone so you want to look off the saftey for a fade to colston

PreSnap you can select from all eligible who your first read will be post snap... So you select Shockey running a slant on the same side. After the ball is snapped Brees is headtracking and facing shockey you actually pass the ball to the corner of the end zone to Colston... Brees then passes to Colston with the delay appropriate for his particular Read Coverage rating then makes the throw with position of the saftey determined by his awareness.
Oh.......ok I see.
Not bad, not bad.
My one and only concern is if the animation of him running "looking" through his reads is noticeable enough to the user on defense. Whether his head is bobbling or his torso is constantly moving as he is scanning the field. You know what I'm saying? (I hope I didn't lose you there) Especially since their won't be any vision.

Other than that and a few minor tweaks I am all for this as well......
I hope this is the year for the "SIM" players.....

Are we finally going to get some attention in this years Madden?
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