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Lightbulb How about an online user-rating system?

After each game you finish, you can give the user 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 stars. For each level of stars, a few reasons can be listed that the player can choose.
For example, 1 star could have reasons like: Constantly glitches or does the same play every single time.
3 stars could be: Satisfied experience or would play again.
5 stars could be: fluid connection and very enjoyable experience.

This could be similar to the rating system in the MLB 08 the show. This would really help separate the guys who want to play the game straight from the people simply looking to rack up their records by cheating.
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Re: How about an online user-rating system?

Yeah but sometimes people give you 1 star cause you beat them.
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Re: How about an online user-rating system?

How about instead of stars, just CHEESE ratings?

btw, the only people who will give you bad ratings are poor sports

GOOD people will give you good ratings when they lose OR win.

So, basically, you will still probably find that the people with the highest ratings are the best people to play.

If you play enough people, you'll find the better people, and the bad ratings will just become a statistical damping for EVERYONE, therefore it would wash out. Cheesers and poor sports are more likely to give a bad rating ANYWAY, but good sports will give EACH OTHER good ratings, and so that is why the good ratings will over power the bad ratings from douche bags.

And that is how you can be confident that someone with mostly bad ratings is NOT someone you want to play.

Eventually all the good people will become apparent from the douches, and then the divide between frivolous bad ratings and legitimate ones will begin to widen, until the rating system becomes rather accurate.

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Re: How about an online user-rating system?

It could even be an option when someone picks "Play Now" to play an online game. We should be able to choose to only play people with 3 or more stars, 4 or more, or whatever we want.
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