Superstar Mode - Same as 09?

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Superstar Mode - Same as 09?

One of the main focuses has been around gameplay and now franchise, but I am curious; will superstar mode even be upgraded in Madden 10?

Madden 09 had the exact same superstar mode as 08 with no noticable if any improvements. The first season playing was fairly decent enough, but it has no replay value after that. After your rookie season, the mode is pretty much broken due to the repetition.

I found this article on Gamespot, and it pretty much expresses what me and majority of people love about superstar and be a pro modes.


If the Madden Devs are to improve superstar, this would be a very solid rubic they should follow. I know many people do not play this mode as much as franchise or online since it does not have the longevity of franchise or the competitve side of online, but who doesn't want to experience life as an NFL player? This mode has huge potential that is just waiting to be upgraded.

Three things that career modes need to do next:
  • Reward (and Punish) -- Whether it's keeping me engaged between game outings, or giving me something to spend my fake money on, the key is to keep the player always busy. I should be fending off calls from multiple agents trying to take control of my career. I should be trying to decide when to spend time in the gym, and when to spend it with my lady friend. I should spend the offseason getting fat. Or getting better.
Better yet, make the decisions I choose matter. If I spend time training my butt off on my jump shot in NBA Live, at the expense of hanging with the boys in the locker room, give me a boost to my jumper in the game, and lower my team chemistry rating as a result. Life is full of choices and all of those choices matter. Make them matter in the game too.
  • We Talkin' About Practice -- Lots of games have dabbled with training the player over the years. Madden's training camp, MLB 09's batting and base-running training sessions, even practice mode in NCAA Football or the training mini-games in Fight Night Round 3. MLB 09 surprised me by not including any pitching training games, which I thought was a big omission this year. While I think that giving the player the option to play or ignore these training session is the right design choice, I think that the more opportunities you have to train your career mode player, the better.
  • Mix It Up - NCAA Football has the right idea. Coming out of high school in Campus Legend mode, you compete for a chance to earn the starter position at whatever spot you play on the field. I like the direction of this feature but think there's still more room to grow. For example, why not give players the chance to come on board your program as an "athlete" position, try multiple positions on the field, and then choose the one that you like best (or, indeed, let the CPU coach decide for you). After all, spending four years as a fullback can get boring; what if, mid-way through your college career, your coach moves you to middle linebacker after a big injury to a team mate? Granted, it might not be for everyone, but adding a little randomness to a career mode might be just the kind of thing that spices things up over the long haul.
So that's what bumping around in my brain regarding career modes these days. I'm curious to hear what you think, too. Do you play in career mode? What do you like or dislike about them? Where do you think the modes will be next year, or five years from now?
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Re: Superstar Mode - Same as 09?

Nice. I'd like The Coaching AI better. I've never seen a coach challenge anything. Their clock management is also poor. Let me pick which jersey i wear or at least make it random. I'd like to play 1 full season in highschool or at least the US army or Under Armour Allstar game. If i dont like the school i picked after a year let me transfer and play multiple positions ala Devin Hester. If I do play 2 postion let the coach recongize this and gameplan around me. Put me in wildcat or slot wr if my original position is CB.
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