Layered blending and the effects on the run game

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Layered blending and the effects on the run game

Question for ya. Will layered blending be applied to the trenches, and if so, what will be done to balance out the run game?

When I speak of layered blending, I'm thinking that d lineman will actually be able to reach out and grab the rb, and suction blocking will be toned down if not eliminated all together. This will have a huge impact on the run game, seeing that many big runs are due to suction blocking. Ya know.

Cpu already has trouble running the ball. Once suction blocking is eliminated, I can see the run game being worse than it is now, because then they wont even be able to get around to the outside for those big runs.
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Re: Layered blending and the effects on the run game

it will help with the smoothness of the game yes but the other things wont change.

i personally feel suction blocking is a problem that cant be eliminated only smoothed out. this from some tests me an some guys did is caused be the lineman animations being too slow compared to the d linemen faster animations.

If the o lineman has a really high rating when he comes into contact with a rusher he try to execute his rating even if the player is beyond him then suction blocking happens. there is an animation for missed blocks where the o lineman pushes th rusher in the back but that is a penalty and the better the player the less he will likely do that. so he draws him into a normal block

what would help is if they mo cap the d line and o line together at the same time and add way more animations but i cant begin to explain why this is going to be really difficult. the new momentun should help ALOT because it should eliminate the sharp angle turns that the d line can take thus helping the slower o linemen.

this game thinks linemen get beaten by angles when i think they get beaten by poor technique.

the cpu just dont run the ball enough. if you edited their governing scheme to say 70 run 30 pass you would see them run it on you alot and get better as the game went on. what i learned a few years back from some dudes is that the scheme is decieving. some teams may have a philosophy or 55 run 45 pass but in reality its about 20 run 80 pass because in their playbook there is 3 to 1 passing plays to run plays ratio. and in anything shorter that 10 mins you wont get get good numbers.
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