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We have officially been compromised, lol.

Please dont ban me man. Check this out. Ok, I understand that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and the forums are here for just that. Hey, post what you feel, debate, get feedback, whatever.

With that being stated, I must say that the OS seems to have the most level headed posters that I've run across (grown man style). I've been to (but haven't registered) a couple of other Madden sites that really seem to be filled with (I have to say it) folks that come across as spoiled *** brats. Many of the recent threads and posts here are ridiculous and its reminding me of some of those cats from the other websites ya know.

Many of you probably dont recognize my name, but I'm not really new here, I'm not the most active poster, but I lurk alot, lol. There was actually some type of error that caused me to reregister, if anyone remembers, I was "THACREEP" instead of "TheCreep".

Its just looking like some of those ungrateful dudes from the other side, have figured out that Ian and co. are active here, and they've come over under different screen names bringing their bottles of haterade with em, lol. Its very obvious, you can easily tell by how they come across in their threads and posts. They aint regulars. The perimeter has been breached.
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Re: We have officially been compromised, lol.

The guys from EA know how to use the 'ignore' function.

I see what you mean though.
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Re: We have officially been compromised, lol.

Especially when you see the threads that sprout up less than 5 mins after a blog is posted complaining about stuff that was just confirmed in said blog.
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Re: We have officially been compromised, lol.

So you're complaining about "complainers"?
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Re: We have officially been compromised, lol.

Nice effort but certain people aren't going to allow this thread to live on as the OP intended.
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