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Re: Why All the negative Vibes?

Originally Posted by djordan
How so?

You act as if Madden 06,07,08 were all masterpieces...

People should be skeptical about Madden 10 based on past iterations of the game...You really can't fault them.

Until we see actual gameplay video of the improvements, everything just sounds good right now.

Feel me?

I do, I got cha.

Here's my thing...

All those other games are in the past. Its done & over. These guys have inherited a mess, and there're doing what appears to be a phenomenal job from the outset.

Lets just continue the feedback, and get further down the road with this new direction.
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Re: Why All the negative Vibes?

Originally Posted by Guillotine 1
I don't get it.

I understand business strategy, public relations, sales, and marketing. I get it.

But why all the negative vibes all of a sudden?

I thought people would be more interested in todays blog, or the NFL Draft this weekend (which I plan to attend). Not lawsuits, T.V. shows, and
quarterly reports.

We're in cycle & hands on w/devs!

I don't get it.

I.D.T. (I Don't Think) it's negitivity....it's just whats goin on wit tha lawsuits and such
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Re: Why All the negative Vibes?

I agree with the OP. It's been "flame fest" lately on these boards. People attacking the 8 that attended the community day, others saying that the community day was for marketing purposes only,etc. It's been really tough around here.

Hopefully with the draft around the corner and all the upcoming news, we see a little more positivity shed on the OS boards. Here's hoping....
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Re: Why All the negative Vibes?

Yeah i really do not get the negativity...we have gotten good information ALREADY!! We never have gotten community interaction like ian and crew are currently having with us. They inherited a MESS! and they already in their blogs seem to have shored up or are shoring up some the of the crap from the last regime (franchise, progression, adaptive ai etc).

These guys are working around the clock in the studio, they only have a year to drastically improve the game, and you know what i think this will be LEAPS and BOUNDS better then any previous next gen madden.

Be patient, the guys are working hard and madden can only improve, and these guys seem to be doing what it takes so far to get madden back on track, it might not be perfect in 10, but id be willing to bet is is MUCH better then 09.
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Re: Why All the negative Vibes?

I don't think it's all of the sudden. All of the negative vibes have always been there. The difference you're seeing now is that the blogs and posts by the EA developers have peaked the interest of the 2K community and more of them are now posting here. Their posts are typically distrusting and less supportive overall due to the quality of past releases. In the eyes of many football fans EA Sports has still failed to live up to a game that's 5 years it's predecessor. Until they put out a game that makes people forget about ESPN NFL 2K5, there's always going to be an under current of negativity. With the NFL license exclusive to EA, they have no one to blame but themselves.
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Re: Why All the negative Vibes?

I am thankful that we know so much about the game and it's only April. I guess some folks think Ian, Phil and the rest of the staff should have told everything about the game on Super Bowl Sunday.
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Re: Why All the negative Vibes?

It may not be all of a sudden, but it's seems more prevalent since Ian and EA has started posting here, especially since after Community Day. Expressing personal distrust in past Maddens is fine when done constructively, but not loudly.(not pointing anyone out, just have been noticing it more)

I'd go a step further and say if the 2k community was around from the time Ian and EA set foot in here(there were a lot that did come in here) maybe there would be a bit more trust between the 2k community and EA.

The people that are jumping in here all of a sudden without doing research aren't receiving the whole picture.
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Re: Why All the negative Vibes?

If the guys making this game bust their butts individually and do all they can do then I hope they feel good about themselves at the end of the day but if the finished product is just another mediocre over-hyped game that doesn't meet expectations then none of what they do individually does anything for the consumer.
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