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Re: Early Demo(just an idea)?

Sorry guys not gonna happen. We really don't know enough about what goes into these things and thus why we think it could be plausible. I used to think these types of things up too, until I got more of an indepth look at things in the industry.

First, the demo we get as it is, when it is, is an earlier build of the game. This demo must be submitted far in advance so that Microsoft and Sony can test it and get it up for download. I think this takes nearly a month of it being in their hands before they pass it along to us. So that alone means the build would be from so early that you wouldn't like what you are playing, and they would be so far beyond that build that it is pointless to try and change things that we would see in that build cause it is nearly all changed.

Second, code is complicated. Changing something is not simple. You never know what else you could be breaking by trying to adjust or fix something. It needs extensive testing anytime something is done. Thinking that we could offer insight at any stage past say May on anything major is not going to get in the game anyway, unless they were aware of it prior and were working on it.

Finally, it is just bad business to release a demo that early. Sure you would appeal to the diehards for the reason we mentioned, but what about all the common fans that would dislike where the early build is at and think the game stinks? What about all the people that would be bored with it by the time the real game comes out? And what about missing the hype that comes out with a demo release leading up to the games actual release? What are you supposed to fill all this extra time between the two with from a marketing standpoint?

What you guys are suggesting is more of a beta testing or something like with pc games or where they give you download codes for earlier builds to certain people so that they can test things. EA is a pretty big company and I am pretty sure they don't want their secrets out of the bag that early either. It affects things like stocks and the bottom line if these things get out, part of the equation the consumer rarely thinks about. If the public were to start rumbling that Madden was going to be a bomb because of the secret features coming out where known duds then the whole bottom line of a major company would suffer. Think why these people are sworn by NDA's, I have signed quite a few in my day, and they are serious about protecting their (asses)ts.

So not to poopoo on the idea, because in theory it is great and I agree, but I just wanted to give you some insight on why it hasn't happen and probably won't. As I said I used to be in mindset of what most people here are, and now I see a little more of the big picture and can tell the side of the big gaming companies a bit more with some understanding. Sucks growing up.
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Re: Early Demo(just an idea)?

Its not going to happen. EA is usually pretty stuck up and uptight about demo releases. There not realeasing it any earlier than early august as usual. I would love to have a early demo it would really show even more what there confidence level is for the game.

When they tell a release date they usually stick with it.
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