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Re: "Maddden curse" real?

yeah, the curse is just a coincidence. all those players who got injured or had their production go down were the result of how much they had played up until that point. there are still alot of players who have had the same sort of experiences, but werent on the cover (tom brady, derek anderson, LT, larry johnson and so on).

there are stranger ones... like vince young... or michael vick (he was a bad passer, but the dog fighting thing was kind of random).

ill bet that players do turn it down cos they are superstitious.
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Re: "Maddden curse" real?

The Madden curse is real! *hides*

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Re: "Maddden curse" real?

The Madden Curse lives.....as does the Sports Illustrated curse.


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Re: "Maddden curse" real?


You ask/say if the curse isnt real...?

b. The evil or misfortune that comes in or as if in response to such an appeal:

The in or as in response is to being on the cover of Madden players will either during that season be injured, play poorly, lose face(publicly), and it may not just be for that season. Some players are affected for the next several seasons...Just saying by definition of curse and applying as such doesnt that mean it applies?

I believe there is a curse and I feel sorry if Fitz is on the cover because he was making such amazing strides.
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Re: "Maddden curse" real?

Originally Posted by Brandon_c993
I have noticed that for some reason people on here still talk about the "Madden curse" and they don't want their teams players to be on it, I ask you is there really a "curse"?

Look back at the covers since 2001 Eddie George did not get injured(although he did have his worst season with the Titans that year.

actually, madden 01 would have come out before the 2000 season. That year eddie ran for 1500 yards and 14 tds

2002: Culpepper was not injured, he did have one of his worst seasons in the NFL also...

In the 01 season daunte only played 11 games. He wasn't anything special but really as he was vastly overrated due to having moss there and was never a great QB.

2003: Marshall Faulk got injured and his production went down every season until he retired, that is simply a case of a player getting older....for the most part....

In the 02 season he was a 29 year old RB in his 9th season in the NFL. His first 8 seasons he averaged just under 338 touches per season. He was worn down and it was age, not madden, that slowed him down.

2004: Vick was injured until week 11 and had a passing completion percentage of 50%, 585 yards, 4 TDs and 3 Ints....but was Vick but he never really was a very good passer as we all know.....

Yes, Mike got hurt but he bounced back the next year and was the same average if that QB he had been before.

2005: Ray Lewis was injured for all of that seasons games except 6 in which he got 46 tackles and a sack, it was the only season in his career that he didn't make the pro bowl...

Ray did get hurt, I will give you that.

2006: We all know about McNabb's injury...

Same for McNabb, that is 2 for you.

2007: Shaun Alexander went from being the league MVP to getting injured and never recovered...IMO another case of a player getting old...

Another 29 year old back who had carried the ball a lot in his time. Backs wear down at or near 30 years old when expected to carry the full load for a team. That is just the way things are.

2008: I think we all remember what happened to Young...

Wasn't exactly stellar but had never really been stellar before that. Still started 15 games and helped his team get to the playoffs.

2009: Fave never really was any worse or never really got injured...

Not a great year but considering the added work of carrying that walker up and down the field, helping the jets to a winning record and being in contention for the AFC east title pretty much the whole season isn't that bad.

So I ask you is the "Madden curse" really a "curse" at all? Or just a silly superstition made popular because a few players got hurt?

IMO if anything it doesn't "curse" the players to get hurt but "curses" them to play bad with the exception of a few...
My opinions on each are in bold. 2 out of 9 really had legit injuries that could not be accounted to age. Considering the fact that this is a pretty rough sport we are talking about, I would not call it clear evidence.
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Re: "Maddden curse" real?

The curse obviously exists.

Its not limited to career ending injuries.

It affects player production and/or health.
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Re: "Maddden curse" real?

I don't believe this curse nonsense. Fact of the matter is, when a player performs so well in a season, chances are that his opposition will pay more and more attention to him, close him down, and limit his production...and only few class acts will keep on putting on brilliant season after brilliant season.

Regarding injuries, also nonsense. It is a rough sport, people will get injured. LT has had some kind of injury the last couple of seasons, and let's say for arguments sake they put him on the cover this year (no chance of that actually happening) and he gets another minor injury, people will point to the Madden curse again. Most players get some kind of niggle of small injury each year.

If you want to believe in the curse, you will convince yourself it's true.
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Re: "Maddden curse" real?

There is no such thing as a curse, if you believe otherwise you need to check yourself into a mental institution.

btw there is no santa claus, no easter bunny and no god.
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